After Carlsen it’s time for Nakamura vs Pragg | Norway Chess 2024

After beating Magnus Carlsen, Praggnanandhaa’s next opponent was Hikaru Nakamura in round 4 of Norway Chess 2024. Pragg was high on confidence. With Hikaru, things haven’t been exactly smooth for Pragg. He seemed to have the psychological edge when he eliminated Nakamura from the World Cup 2023. However, the US GM struck back at the Candidates winning a crucial 11th round. Thus the game was setup in a very interesting way! Check out the battle between world no.3 and one of the finest players of India Praggnanandhaa with commentary by Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Who else didn't watch the video after reading the comment section?

  2. Thankyou sagar Bhai another wonderful ful commentry

  3. Well, if you need click baits for making Indian players as winning for your yt revenue, then Indian chess is doomed…….

  4. ↖️↗️↗️↘️↙️↙️⬆️⬅️⬇️➡️➡️↗️↖️↘️

  5. Commentator started to feel he is grand master

  6. As an Indian,It's natural (and also a responsibility) for you to praise the Indian Players and present their brilliancy.However,when you are making a recap/analyzing a game,You at least need to be neutral and respective to the other player's move.In this game,Sagar presented Pragg's more than 6-7 inaccuracies, like they were the moves that would turn the game upsidedown. Like they were brilliant, let alone being inaccurate. Whereas,You just ignored some of Hikaru's brilliancy,which were mentioned in Gotham's recap.And at the end you just said,"It was a tough fight for Hikaru.But he managed to beat Praggnanandha."Like Hikaru was firstly losing and then luckily got the win.Ridiculous!!! The game was not in pragg's favour for a single moment. So,please praise your players.But not at the cost of disrespecting other players.

  7. Me after seeing the engine ohh waooo ahhh 😂

  8. Proof hikaru>magnus now
    Hikaru also more gentleman than him

  9. Pragg beat magnus and lost to hikaru i believe a major cause of this was magnus opening choice….his variation of Sicilian is very rare and provocative which magnus misplayed in the begining itself and lost but hikari chose a relatively solid opening …prepared quite well and grinder the game after praggs main 2-3 mistakes..

    so the opening phase also matters a lot

  10. The knight sac by prag was a mistake not a brilliant

  11. Move your drink! Without an attitude too! Rookie move by Hikaru

  12. overconfidence leads to needless sacrifice of pieces.

  13. Hikaru be like: Bhai ka badla leke rahega main.😤😂😂

  14. Why do they write every move I really don't understand

  15. Carlsen shouldn't have let his bishop be taken by Pragg. It was a classic failure. Pragg, on his part, delayed some of his best acts to stunn Carseln

  16. What's with the knight sacrifice, it never paid off

  17. Great game! This channel has the absolute best analysis commentary!

  18. Mr Sagar one game win doesn't mean prag becomes a world champion.

    Let him play and grow.

    The media and some channels unnecessarily put pressure on him.

    Magnus already gave up world champion.

    Unbeaten world champion…..

    If prag wins world championship match against magnus then u make videos and all.
    Now, one game doesn't affect magnus

  19. Sagar bhai we love you but your commentary can definitely be better than this. Im not talking about chess knowledge or language but your more than necessary biasness towards indian players. I derstand that as indian yourself you will naturally support him but in this vid you make it look like hikaru had strugle too much to win whike pragg only made some small mistakes which is very unture. Yes please support our young boys with heart but dont ignore other exceptional players aswell and give them credit they deserve

  20. Ye log pen se kya likhte hai ?? Aaj tak samjh nahi aaya

  21. Insanely stupid knight sacrifice, as if you were going to checkmate with that.

  22. 12:16 "Has Pragg managed to create lot of problems for Hikaru" wth? Hikaru is completely winning and not making any inaccuracy, not to mention the fact that Pragg actually blundered his knight.

  23. Pragg maybe didn take Hikaru seriously in this game and alas it was what was coming!

  24. Pragg mistake was not doubling his rook after he sacrifices his knight.

  25. Can someone please explain why Pragg didn't move the pawn to F5 at 18:48?


  27. Lovee this commentator. Good reading, understanding
    and explanation of the moves.

  28. Y they stopped writing at last?? 🤒

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