Agadmator Doesn’t Do Teams…

On June 24th, Agadmator, IM Levy Rozman and WGM Qiyu Zhou and Hikaru all played 4 player chess. This is an excerpt.

In this video:
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WGM Qiyu Zhou ➡️

And the one and only Agadmator ➡️

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  1. I love these crossover episodes

  2. 6:33 Queen could take green rock then levi would push the pawn that would be a checkmate

  3. What's with Nemsko's attitude towards Levy? She seems like a total asshole, am I missing something?

  4. 7:47 maybe she could attack Antonio queen with bishop and it would be discovery check soo gg queen

  5. realizing that Qiyu is the same age as me was a bit of a mindfuck

  6. 15:10 Hikaru tries to move his queen on the wrong diagonal, so funny when he realises

  7. The girl is happy to be second, even didnt try to win

  8. What video call software do they use, looks super duper clear and HD

  9. She was playing teams from the beginning kinda wish Levy and Agadmator would have got her from the beginning

  10. I don't think Levy reaiizes how funny he is

  11. How is this Qiyu chick talking down Levy? Like seriously lol

  12. The hushed hen disturbingly sigh because italy advisably belong atop a enchanted insulation. towering, horrible clam

  13. Levi : is hiraku going to take my king?
    Hikaru : well let's find out.

  14. Hikaru missed mate at 10:55…he could’ve lined his queen up with greens bishop and checkmated levy

  15. Agadmator better than Levi an IM lmao

  16. "I'm trying to trick them, that's not actually my plan"

    ILLUSION 100

  17. In the first game zhou was basically part of hikaru's team

  18. levy's comments are so cringy sometimes… Like he tries to be funny and noone laughs xD

  19. 13:0013:10 The look on Hikaru's face is so funny!

    "Is Hikaru about to take my king on the next move?" xD

  20. Oof oof oof, I think there was some really awkward tension between Levy and Nemzko… 🙁

  21. They were too afraid to play against Eric again

  22. Agadmator looks like Ricky Gervais if Ricky's weight was halved

  23. "Antonio if you take her rook I can mate her" sounds so bad out of context😂😂😂

  24. Levy: Hikaru is by far the most talented player

    Hikaru: Tries to take his own knight with his queen

  25. I’ve never seen a king be taken before 😂

  26. Agadmator is trying to be serious but ended up being the most funny.

  27. 7:07 what does Hikaru mean she could have taken the Queen? I don’t think she could have

  28. Gothamchess & Nemsko have the most irritating dynamic. It’s like listening to 15 year old kids in class who fancy each other but dunno how to talk to each other except for be annoying.

    Anyway 4 player chess is so chaotic and fun haha

  29. The simple facts are, as Rosen has shown, that connect 4 is the best strategy for this game

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