Alireza’s Resurgence & The 4 Million Dollars Chess Tournament (Is It Real??)



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00:00 Intro
00:50 Norway Chess
06:36 Open Tournaments
19:13 FIDE Circuit
27:24 URS
42:15 CCT
55:58 1M Buy In Chess Tournament

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  1. Great Podcast! The only problem I have with it is the way Christian pronounces "women"

  2. Fabi you could easily get staked 10M+ if you're significantly +ev in a highly publicised high stakes chess tournament

  3. It would really be interesting to hear what Fabi thinks the best STRATEGY for playing an open is.

    What I mean is opening selection, and if and how you vary your openings throughout the tournament, if you prepare for some of the best players by doing research of their games, if you do a lot of physical training before the tournament so you're in good shape etc.

    Many thanks

  4. re: Artemiev #6 URS. The URS top 10 is very sensible and expected except Artemiev. Classical is weighted most and blitz least so why is Artemiev high? Based on URS method we can deduce that Artemiev has the most momentum — that his early career games are very weak and he has played much better more recently. He may be a fluke of the method just as Ding snd Annand being top 10 is a fluke of the Elo method. The URS devalues older results. Recent meteors like Wei Yi and Nodirbek rate high. Annand and Ding are down to 16 and 17. Presumably zooming Arjun will also soon rate very high. URS looks as valid or invalid as Elo on balance, but a dufferent focus — it punishes decline and inactivity faster. Both are flawed. Choose your poison.

  5. "Nodirbek is very hot" and Cristian saying "super hot right now" had me rolling 35:45

  6. I am pretty sure Wadim is backing Nodirbek and that's why he was immediately in. Betting on Nodirbek will give the best ROI given his defensive skills and also the ability to win tournaments.

  7. Christian's argument on the Opens seems weird. This is a well known economic fact outside of just chess. Prize money in everything from TV game shows, sports, and beyond has not grown in 20 years. With accounting for inflation, the value of prize funds has dropped significantly in that period, on top of the cost of travel and stay increasing also with inflation. Just bizarre argument he seems to be making.

  8. Holy cow what are these negative comments here?
    You all know Fabi is a very respectful guy and he never intends to insult people especially not in this video.

  9. The whole 4 mil tournament hype started in a hilarious way:
    1. Hans asked Wadim, why he didn't invite America's brightest talent? (Hans meant himself by brightest talent obviously)
    2. Wadim proposes this 4 mil buy-in tournament
    3. Wadim mentions Hans, saying sth along the lines 'as you wished, we also invited America's brightest talent Fabiano Caruana' 😇

  10. Gukesh is not playing Norway

    If you have 10 double round robin you have 6 players max no?

  11. 🦧
    The male/female gap in ratings, or ability happens in many sports,(tennis, golf,etc) but has not stopped them reaching parity in prize money💰.
    The idea is to promote, and develop, the optimum product
    within those limits. And more money is one of the levers to achieve this goal.
    Given the cultural constraints women are only now breaking free of , it surely is only a matter of time till the gap(s) close. 🌟

  12. URS is just a plain insult to classical chess. What if a player decides to play only classical chess and say becomes a world champion, according to urs, he might be ranked 100th. Why should everyone play speed chess, some may not like it best eg is Gukesh. He hardly played online speed chess and look how flawless his Candidates was compared to everyone else. Now with this unnecessary pressure like URS, he’s playing rapid and blitz. It’s like calculating the average of t20cricket, test match and ODIs together. Plain stupidity!

  13. Consider changing gender,and Play championship match with woman,enjoy,prize,place on history,monet 😉

  14. Can someone tell me if the merch quality as well as the cut is good?

  15. Just a reminder that just because someone say's they're objective doesn't necessarily mean they ARE objective…

  16. Disrespect towards ding 🤦‍♂️ . He will prove you wrong sooon fabi will definitely beat you in norway.

  17. Nice memory. Playing the Vlissingen Open back in 2007. I played there, too. Fabi won as a young small boy and IM ahead of a coupe of GMs. Since this time I am following Fabi's development and career and I am fan of him since 2007. …😉

  18. Some 10 years ago I mentioned this buy-in tournament idea to Svidler as an anti-draw measure in chess. He did not really understand how would it work. Now I'm happy to see somebody else is thinking about it. 🙂

  19. the $4m tournament is nuts really hope it goes ahead so exciting 😀

  20. Women's sports have been given breaks in the "load" they must bear in order to get equal pay with men. Pro tennis is a prime example, where they play only the best of three sets but men must play the best of five sets throughout a tournament. In chess they usually play less rounds than men and that should be corrected.

  21. Ding vs Fabi: 6W 9D 2L. Ding vs Gukesh: 2W 0D 0L.

  22. The anti cheating measures should be on top and the maximum security should impose at that money amount.

  23. The extra weight of rapid and blitz in that unified rating is easy to explain, as it fails just like the dow jones industrial average: It overweights the categories that have the highest numbers. Since the top elo in blitz is quite a bit higher than in classical, then blitz counts more, as getting to, say, 2800 blitz is far more common than 2800 classical.

    The lack of decay of inactive ratings is also a concern on all systems, as it's always been. I bet you can still farm some points out of yasser, just like anyone that plays Ding right now is outright farming.

  24. Everyone is low-key pushing for chess gambling so they can make more money. More money always cures everything. RIP chess.

  25. FYI, Jorden lives in the Netherlands. Not cheap.

  26. 18:10 And so paying for travel costs and like 20k for participating for 6th onward? That with nice flights and lodgings? The rest could easily go to the winners. If all top 30 show up in the world, that would be under 1 million for the 25 people that are 6th and onwards, leaving a little over 3 million for the winners.

  27. £5000 in 2012 is way less than £5000 in 2024. When you look at real terms earnings it’s definitely getting worse

  28. I did not expect to hear Plovdiv being mentioned ever in the podcast! 🇧🇬🇧🇬

  29. Jordan was right to bring this up, but I think he's spitting into the wind.

  30. @Cristian Chirila…Please please speak louder and closer to the Mic in all your podcasts…There are times when you are clear but then you take your mouth away from the Mic and your words become muffled…At other times, you are close to the Mic but still muffle the words in order to complete the sentence faster…Also, please stop putting your finger near to your lips while speaking, which also muffles the words.. I have seen all your podcasts from the first one and this is a persistent issue in all of them. You may want to review 4 – 5 of your podcasts to understand what I am saying & try & raise the quality of your speech and voice. I, otherwise just love the podcasts for the content.

  31. if I had a negative score against a player I wouldn't criticize them all the time, the way Caruana tends to do about Ding because it could look like bad sportsmanship. I don't think Caruana got over that Ding was the one who came second in the 2022 candidates instead of himself. He wants to be world chamion so bad but he hasn't been able to do it, and Ding did it. I get the vibe that irks him

  32. Hans Niemann is at a disadvantage with his opponents. He gets gets nothing on the last place. Pity on him. He is going to be a fertilizer for players. He is 0-5 on Caruana on classical

  33. Here is your one million dollar. Now go, win, and give me 1,9 million back. If you don't, then you own me 500,000 dollars.

  34. 🙂🙂i love your podcast guys, I love Fabi's tranquility, I feel a little identified.

  35. Daniel Dardha performance rating at Sardinia World Chess Festival was 2685 ! His performance rating at

    Tata Steel Chess Challengers was 2708. So both of Fabiano's estimates were a bit off.

  36. Is anyone going to watch Norway chess in person? I’m going by myself so thought could meet some people!

  37. I love this podcast! Some feedback about audio: Cristian is often much softer spoken than Fabi and guests, and I have to turn the podcast up to hear him, and immediately down when others start talking. I think normalizing the audio can help with this. You could also use a limiter and adjust the gain.

  38. I cant work out why chess tournaments have such low prizemoney…Sharjah has only 52,000 dollars total prize money..Why doesnt Caruana himself contact Big Businesses amd get support from them..he then wears a shirt with their logo etc.

  39. Since Norway is an invitational rather than a true open, not all the normal arguments against equal pay apply ("Women can just enter the Open" is the standard argument, which is valid most of the time, but not here). But one thing that isn't different is the ratings. There are about 300 men higher rated than Ju Wenjun and about 280 of those men never have the opportunity to win the sort of prize money offered to women's only events in chess. Male chess players have more to do to make a living at the game.

  40. Alireza had a good Tata steel, one bad tournament and idiots go crazy writing him off. The bigger question is whether this was a one off for Gukesh or if he'll springboard from this to greater things. Sadly, beating Ding is not looking like it is worth too much with his present form.

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