Allergies don’t stop me – 4 player chess

Sorry for the delay with this video. I was out of town and then under the weather, so if you don’t like that excuse then…well…getouttamyface.

I hope you like this video. Now, excuse me while I go hack up a lung.


Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):



  1. i live in florida and when it gets cold here i get a stomach ache so im just stuck here i cannot handle how cold it gets in other states

  2. Inhaling steam helps with clearing nose congestion, normally a humidifier works but for me it doesn’t for some reason so I hold a washcloth really close to my faucet on all hot and inhale it hard through the nose, it’s a temporary fix works for abt an hour but feel well soon

  3. 50or50+ years later: Im dead BUT THAT WILL NEVER STOP ME FROM PLAYING CHESS

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