An IM Beats THREE GMs at the Same Time

During the 4 Player stream, GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Anish Giri, GM Teimour Radjabov and IM Levy Rozman aka Gothamchess play 4 player chess

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  1. This is the greatest video of chess I’ve ever seen. Damn and I’m not even a fan of Hikaru. And that’s a compliment. Genuinely every human in this video. It’s just a chess thing for me.

  2. Man that guy in the top right corner should stream or something

  3. Let me guess.. Anish is an indian.. because he cannot stop talking .. he should go to rap carrer instead..

  4. This is the first time I watch anish, I only watched his game coverage. He's cool

  5. Baadur Jobava is a respectful person and its a shame having some sarcastic chat behind his back !

  6. Professional parenting advice: "You can teach your kid how good fasting is."

  7. Beating 3 GMs technically qualifies one to become a GM.

  8. Levi: how good is your Dutch
    Anish: it's worse than my Russian and English.

    Me: I've seen him play Dutch and it was awesome. Few moments later ohhh they're talking about language…

  9. Ничего себе. Не знал, что на русском в семье Гири говорят..

  10. I think a video of 4 player chess with all player blindfolded would be interesting

  11. Anish wanted to draw the three of you at the same time

  12. Who was the world champion that Levy had an altercation with?

  13. Still waiting for multiple GMs working together to beat the strongest chess engine out there. And yeah, it might end up with a lot of arguments and debates.

  14. I’m so glad that Anish considers Levy the next grand thing.

  15. Look at hikaru's reaction when anish says appointment is taking 5 hours…🤣🤣

  16. 32:45 can someone explain why Tradjabov doesnt move his king to K7 (still getting attacked by the knight)? Levy's only move would be to capture the king?

  17. Didn't know Anish such a noisy guy before. 😂
    And his talking keep distracting him from the game as well. 😅

  18. Damnn…anish getting played by his wife 🤣🤣

  19. anish giri speaking so fast like me ı falt only me speaking so fast ım glad that

  20. "Yeah, I'm on my way to mate him. Oh my god. My wife came." – Anish Giri, chess GM, professional mater.

  21. Even Levi can't win in the alternate gamemode where he's supposed to be the protagonist 🤧🙈🤣

  22. 32:44 am I stupid or did Tradjabov lose the game here? shouldn't he have gone to k7? even if Levy had another move to make (which he didn't so he would be forced to eat his king), a knight can move to 4 pairs of diagonal squares, so he could have just alternated between them until he'd have no other moves…

  23. I don't know what Teimour couldn't have repeated Kl8 Kk7 at the end.

  24. 17:24
    Anish: Do you understand?
    Levy and Hikaru: Hmm yes yes
    Teimour: We nothing understood but yes
    Levy: Ye ye ye good good

  25. This so cool, we need more of this, like 10 hours, bring magnus, andrew tate

  26. Why did Anish speak to the little guy on Russian??

  27. anish talks so much but he makes it a lot more fun to watch

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