Anna Cramling Gets Checkmated in 4 Moves #shorts

Never playing XXL chess again lmao @eric-rosen

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#annacramling #chess #shorts


  1. Is it just me or does the camel look like a knight kicked in the chin?

  2. She looks like that titan that ate erens mom

  3. That is not real chess camels are not real in chess

  4. The chess board from ur worst fever dream be like 💀

  5. Hello, could I have the name of this game please (I wanna try it)?

  6. “That was camel smother mate 👁️👄👁️”

  7. where i can play this? whats the name/ website?

  8. What version of chess is this? I'm curious what the other pieces are and how they move?

  9. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of your videos, and it seems to me that you will be a good opponent for me 🥱

  10. With those kinds of super pieces and rules, the one thing you should be looking for early is smother mate. Especially when a solo piece is coming to attack

  11. Is the full video out somewhere? I want to know more about this variant. I skimmed through anna's videos around "a year ago" but couldn't find it…

  12. Its not chivalrous felling to be mated by a camel😂

  13. So we all know what will andrea ask magnus in mext world chess title

  14. The "nooo my camel! 😭" Gets me every time 😂😂

  15. Ana I just love your laughs! It’s soo cute!

  16. "that was smothered camel mate" is my favourite line

  17. The world champion of this version will always be middle eastern.

  18. How can I play this? How can I download it? What is its name?

  19. That camel just went on a rampage. Braveheart Camel.

  20. This is crazy, you have literally got a cavalry behind your pawns. Oh and a couple of random camels 😂

  21. Makes a nice change to see Camel Mate rather than Camel Toe on The Internet.

  22. Knight raised to the power of queen /king

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