Are Chess Players actually smart?

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  1. "but you didint"

    "goofy ahhhhhhhh scream"

  2. Out of all the games out there, you chose the one that is most identical in chess. Both games have you think ahead and strategise while playing. If you want to beat someone who is good in chess at another board game, try to pick one that lacks thinking ahead strategy.

  3. Gotham chess really just pulled the "so its the same type of stand as mine" trick

  4. Bro really compared chess to Monopoly 💀

  5. This is the type of scream I would make after eating in taco bell 💀💀💀

  6. i kid you not i just saw a chess short then this

  7. Someone tell me the piece of music please?

  8. Yeah I'm not famous enough to be known as connect 4 master

  9. You're not dumb, you're just bad at C4

  10. How tf are you good at monopoly half the game is luck?

  11. Levy had the 6th column forced win after 2 moves

  12. Him: “Are chess players actually smar-“
    Me: “No.”
    Him: “What? Why?”
    Me: “Cause my brother plays chess”

  13. Chess is all about thinking ahead and preparing for upcoming events. It is also slightly based on adapting to your opponents moves. Just like in connect four and real life. This does indeed make you smarter in some circumstances but it’s not gonna magically make you insanely good at math.

  14. Would you rather watch a tree grow or a knee grow

  15. poeple who are smart at one thing they are smart in every factor but they are only good at that one thing
    kinda like rubics players

  16. As a club level player I can confirm that being able calculate transfers over pretty nicely to other games

  17. Why did he do like a default death sound when he lost? ☠️

  18. Visit my Page for more chess tips tricks and to learn chess

  19. Probably the dummest way to measure intelligence

  20. Chess doesn't make you smart, but autism makes you seem different.

  21. Chess is always a correlate for intelligence for a reason. But it can also be correlated to being a f**** dork who has some form of Autism and I can't stop thinking about the chess board and dreaming of moods

  22. Theyre not inteligent, they have very good tactics

  23. no but srsly I started playing connect 4 agn after playing chess for a long time and the tactics you use in Chess really do help.

  24. Bro forgot about something called an iq test.

  25. “Average person” bro is one of the top streamers

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