Atomic Chess With Frank

SUB TO FRANK: @Frankishere976

In all my years of chess, I have never seen a prodigy quite like Frank, as he obtained a 10 puzzle streak on his first try. This kid has potential.

Make sure to check out other channels like Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru, Daniel Naroditsky, Gothamchess, and Agadmator. I will be training with Frank this week for his rematch against Orbital Racer in a month or 2, which will be fun. We will make sure he gets as many brilliant moves as possible, and he will soon be able to beat stockfish. We are doing lots of chess puzzles, learning chess openings, and different checkmating patterns, so stay tuned. Don’t forget to sacrifice the rook if you get the chance today

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  1. Frank is the greatest chess player of all the time he is better than Hicekro and mugnas

  2. try duck chess with frank! it’ll be quite a cheeky round.

  3. i absolutely love this new found friendship between these 2, content is absolutely amazing as usual

  4. I would love to see Hikaru's reaction on this video

  5. Just give frank the GM title in atomic chess already

  6. "the knights gotta be the worst piece in this" those who know: hehehe

  7. The king is unable to capture because when a piece captures the piece explodes so by that logic if the king captured it would explode which is game over

  8. The knight are in my opinion one of the best pieces. There are a great offensive weapon

  9. As a 1900 in this variant, this is painful

  10. You should try playing atomic chess online against stronger players, or try Setup Chess

  11. Me who's 2000 in atomic and watching pain as you both miss so many quick wins/material gains…
    "I'm 10 steps ahead of you."

  12. it would be so fun to watch you guys play slenderman

  13. "knights are the worst" Knights being the best piece in atomic

  14. OMG, so great to see the success, been watching since the chess tactics days❤

  15. how do you play this and fog of war how can i play it?

  16. Hey everyone Frank says he’s a God but there is only one true god and that is our lord and savior Jesus Christ who wants to have a relationship with you so please repent and except him

  17. If two people play atomic chess, and the one lets the other win every game for hours, does their rating increase infinitely? Does the person losing get 0 elo?

  18. at 2:09 if frank played knight to d or e 6 I dunno which one it would have been force mate as king to c 6 knight takes c7 and king back knight take queen

  19. Sean Passant is actually such a good name, love your videos

  20. My friend introduced this to me the other day. After I beat him 10 – 0 he didn't want to play anymore.
    Jokes on him. I actively play chess, he doesn't

  21. when Frank is learning to play normal chess n grind his elo
    Sean: Lets play atomic chess😂

  22. Frank is gonna have 500 Eli in atomic chess

  23. So many missed checkmates (I'm an atomic chess expert)
    You can put the queen right next to the king and then follow it to the edge of the board and pieces can't take the queen because it would explode on the king

  24. Actually nf3 then ne5 or ng5 are 2 good openings

  25. The knights are actually the best pieces due to their multiple ways to reach a square. Nf3 is the best opening move

  26. Why does it show that when frank won the 1st game, then shows it that Sean won, Didn't Frank needed to win?

  27. me as a 1900 in atomic im gonna rate this all:

    game 1: 0:19 qc3 is a blunder: checkmate is now unavoidable ((qxd7#)

    game 2: 0:45 e4 bad opening nh3 is the best e4 is +0.9 nh3 is +2,2
    1:15 nc6 is a blunder checkmate is now unavoidable (qxf7#)
    1:18 nc3 lost forced checkmate sequence (qxf7#)

    1:21 ne4 is a blunder checkmate is now unavoidable (qxf7#)

    game 3: 1:57 d3 is a blunder black loses their queen after nb5,c6,nc7,qd7 and nxd6
    2:08 kd7 is a blunder checkmate is now unavoidable (ne6, ke8,nxd8#( ne6, kf6,nxf7#))
    2:10 nxc7 lost forced checkmate sequence (ne6)
    2.32 c4 mistake c3 best (probably because of queen infiltration danger)
    3:00 blunder queen deserves to live also checkmate unavoidable after qa5+,b6,qa6,kd8,qb7 and with the infinite options black dies)
    3:23 mistake (2#: qc8+, kd7, qxd6#)
    3:59 rc1 eventually leads to mate
    4:37 taking instead of mating?
    (all moves after this lead white to mate )

    game4: (5:32) e4 ? again same stuff
    e5 is a blunder checkmate is now unavoidable (qh5,g6,qh3,f5,exf5,kf7,qe6+,kg7,qxg8#)
    bc4 lost forced checkmate sequence
    6:08 blunder checkmate is now unavoidable (bxf7#)

    game 5: 6:58 ??????????????????????????????????? mate is not able to be dodged and sean found it

    game 6: (7:07) e4 +2,2 —> +0,9 (nh3 = +2,2)
    e5 checkmate is now unstoppable (qh5,g6,qh3,f5,exf5,kf7,qe6+,kg7,qxg8#)
    (7:23) qxq checkmate un avoidable (bxf7#)

    game 7: (7:52) bxg7 blunder (bxc2#)

    game 8: b5 checkmate is now unavoidable: qh5,g6,qd5,d6,qxf7# (qe5,e6,qxd7#))

    game 9: 8:25 (e5) again for the third time uhhhhhhhhhhhh…)
    8:29 nd5 bLuNdEr

    game 10: i dont want to rate this game the same thing happened before like disgusting anyway game 11

    game 11: what d3 even pretends to do?

    game 12: nc6 checkmate unavoidable qh5,g6,qd5,d6,qxf7# (qe5,e6,qxd7#))

    bc4 lost forced chekmate sequence
    nf6 checkmate is now unavoidable

    game 13: 9.50 mega blunder: shut up sean knight ARE the best pieces here even queen are sometimes worse than knights, they are just extremely scary most of the times
    exc6 ??

    game 14: gotham says: "stop booting up 10 minute games just to play each move in one second"

    (11:14 be2 leads to mate in two)

    thats all im lazy

  28. Frank the 9999 Elo Atomical Genius of the universe.

  29. Hi Sean Passant, Can u teach me chess, Im kinda dumb

  30. At 2:47, why did the pawns surrounding the rook not also disappear when the bishop captured the rook?

  31. “Knights have to be the worst pieces in this game” I’ve not laughed that hard in a long time.

  32. As a 2k atomic player, low elo atomic chess is amazing. Also, contrary to your estimation, knights are the best piece (aside from the queen) in this game mode, as they can't easily be blocked and require specific moves to stop them.

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