BANNED for Cheating!?

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  1. i'm glad he got banned.maybe he can finally go outside and touch some grass now.what the f*ck was that yappy ahh post ? "but who could this misterious account be (followed by even more yapping) (f*cking song lyrics) bro needs to stop yapping

  2. Pq o cara tem que usar a bandeira do Brasil?? Parece que faz de propósito

  3. I too used to sacrifice a bishop and then play what stockfish told me. And I won all games.

  4. Now i know why @totalgaming did the same

  5. i remember this nm called nelson lopez i think goes over this opening on his channel chess vibes

  6. That Opening was used by Emory Tate and Hikaru it was a sacrifice if not take you put rook to g3

  7. I watched maybe 10 to 15 of his Blitz games he really played this setup and I was shocked why he sacrifices his rook everytime. Oh now I see, he invented a new opening

  8. What would cheating even be here? like? what did he move the pieces while the computer wasn't looking? It's chess.

  9. So many times when I win by checkmate, I have not moved one or both of my rooks, yet I will have used both my knights and bishops. In that perspective, it may be more beneficial to be up a bishop and down a rook.

  10. Mah man sacrificed his account and y'all talking about Da Roook? 🗿💀

  11. Day 12 of asking Gothenburg chess to to repley to me

  12. he is brazilian or just use my flag because is the top?



  14. What is the name of that opening i wanna learn it,

  15. I bet levy was astonished at seeing the amout of rook sacrifices under this guys belt

  16. And he sacrifices… HIS DIGNITY, PRIDE, AND HONOR!!!! (i should prolly watch longer vid until saying this)

  17. I am not going to watch the video, but l think you are supporting the GM because he kept sacrificing THE ROOOOOOOOKKKKK

  18. Every stockfish opening sacrifices the rook 😂

  19. Its been over a year im skipping your contents bcos of your annoying childish screams. Seems it has changed for good. I hope i (and many more ppl) will re-enjoy your great content without those immaturity.

  20. Magnus used this opening recently and won 🤣😜

  21. gM Magnus maketh that opening also and am watching GM Naroditksy suffer like that opening to Jacobson

  22. Alright someone tell me how this is cheating? Like you have free will to play whatever pieces right?

  23. Rare footage of Levy not including Magnus in his videos!

  24. I don't understand, what does mean cheating in the chess?

  25. Hes probalby cheatin. I tryd it instant 4x times 4 loses 😂😂😂

  26. that's oppers opening 😂😂 omg how did danny not know that? oppervesson

  27. They got that from me I'll try it more I guess

  28. Genuine question, how do you cheat in online chess?

  29. bro really thought he was magnus fr 💀

  30. ARIEEES!!!!!!, take my rook and grant me victory over my enemies

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