Basic Chess Openings Explained

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I get a lot of questions about chess openings. In this video and the comments below, I’ll answer all of them! ASK AWAY BELOW!

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  1. I’m trying to open my girlfriends legs, it’s not working though, she says I’m addicted to chess

  2. If they open London and develop normally then you can do the englund gambit which goes wpd4 bpe5 wpe5 bkc6 wkf3 bqe7 wbf4 bqb4 wbd3 bqb2 wbc3 bbb4 wqd2 bbc3 wqc3 bqc1 also for clarification the first letter is white or black second letter is the piece and letter 3 and the number is the square the englund is my favourite

  3. You said verbatim, "reguardless how black plays, you go like this." I've every time I try playing london opening blacks knights just walk all over me.

  4. I'm not really to memorize openings but I'm going to use the Indian one all the time now.. but I need one for white that works all the time

  5. I’m an intermediate player after my dad taught me shortly before he died your videos helped me focus on chess and I would listen to your vids whilst analysing and studying I started not being able to beat my older sister and am now a player for my local team and we travel all around my home country to play

  6. I’m wondering if by opening with the kings pawn rather than queens pawn, because I don’t know the theory I’m inviting a whole load of trouble onto myself needlessly.

    In general most of my wins are described as comeback wins. And I have taken a lot of damage early on. I even have to always be alert for those embarrassing early checkmates.

    However, in general my chess is not as bad as some of my silly defeats make me think I am. I’m at 650 now and got back to 670 before some silly defeats. But I can beat AI at 1400. Yet I fall pray to simple things by even 400 rated players.

    Watching this has made me think that I need to stick with queens pawn. As the kings pawn is what is putting me on the defensive from the get go because it requires, according to this, more theory understanding. So I’m giving opponents an advantage before I even get going because 1- Im inviting pressure and lost peices and when playing white, I end up being the one having to react to what black is doing. 2- Im starting on ground that is my weakness because I don’t have all of the required theory down.

  7. My parents are getting old, so to keep my dad's mind sharp, I told him I want to get a professional chess-rating and I need to practice any chance I get. At the time I said it for his sake, but strangely I thought why not and I found your video. There was this gap of perspective I could not fathom about how pro chess-players thought about the game that you so simply explained. Your video helped a lot. Thank you. I will remember you as one of my teachers.

  8. My rating is 0.
    I have never played a game of chess in my life.

  9. Who came up with the names of these moves??🤔

  10. I used to play chess quite a bit with my dad as a kid and some in high school. I got back into it when i found out my wife was pregnant. I want to teach this game to my son. Ty for these videos

  11. Hey Gotham! I played a ton of chess in local school tournaments when I was a kid but played freely and just for fun. I’m now 31 years old and getting back into chess to learn at a higher level. What would you suggest for me to do to advance forward? Currently, I’m learning to master the King’s Indian, and I’ve seen a ton of success.

    Been loving your videos and look forward to continue watching!

  12. Do beginners ever have an advantage simply because they don't know theory and do unexpected moves?

  13. A few days ago I decided I wanted to understand how chess pieces move. I am 39 and have never played chess or seen anyone play chess in real life before. I even signed my daughter up for a chess extracurricular a year ago and managed to never see her play or express any interest in the game. And suddenly here I am trying to remember some of these openings and finding the fun in all of this thanks to people like you and all the others that are breaking down the game for us newbies. Huge thanx!

  14. I love these chess lessons each one i watch i learn something new

  15. Levy 2020: buttoned up shirt, calm, eloquent :"chat? like i'm live streaming haha"
    Levy 2023: galaxy themed sweater, screaming at the camera :"Twitch say hello to Frank the F*****g Tank, Now get out of here"

    I love this character arc.

  16. It’s so weird to see Levi talk so formal

  17. I love how levy sounds so chill and level headed in this video when in his recent videos he sounds like he smoking some crack up his asshole and yelling like a mentally disabled child

  18. is kings pawn opening an ok opening for intermediate?

  19. i like when he says “quite significantly”. what a sophisticated gentleman.

  20. I can't believe this is the same guy… wow his demeanor is so much different. It's wild what massive success and constant time in front of a camera/audience can do for your confidence. Good for you Levy, you deserve it!

  21. This really helped me. I feel that I do fine in Chess, but openings is a dice throw. I dont know them, you're opening pandoras box with me. Sure I know the basics of "center control good" but other than that? Once we get past the opening phase I do better.

    But it becomes a problem when I face someone that also knows openings.

  22. I don't which type of player I'm. But in my opinion I started chess 2-3 months ago so I might be a beginner.

    Could u tell me what opening should I choose for a better game

  23. Title is not true. You didn't explain basic chess openings.

  24. Cheers Gotham. I’m a fairly new player and really want to look at openings. To give my moves at the start a purpose

  25. hes so sophisiticated in the vid 💀

  26. can you show me an opening where I can mate in one move, thx

  27. Bro said even if you're 600.. not me enjoying being 200 and playing awful chess against other awful players 😂

  28. Thanks for this simple and easy to understand video. I want to learn how to open well in chess but I’m so afraid of how complicated it’s going to be straight up.

  29. Me rankes at just 400 right about to take this knowledge to grind up

  30. Im 15 so im investing my years to chess ive always loved chess since i was 12

  31. The kings Indian has got me from a miserable 130 to a 205! – I've been playing for two weeks now and I'm loving it!!

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