Beat me at chess, win a date

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  1. Going out with you, MAN one of the biggest challenges if he does win the game

  2. Poor Tyler is young. He still had to learn that you can't impress a girl by beating her at something she is good at . It's a loose loose

  3. Why didn't he get rid of the knight with the pawn under the king?

  4. Dude really thought he could beat a pro in 30 days

  5. Can i get a date without playing u in chess?

  6. I see, she want to found smart guy/husband)
    Very good Challenge.

  7. I don't blunder queens, i see this as a absolute win

  8. boy should've played his heart out I know I would've…he got the date anyway guaranteed

  9. Not hans recieving stray bullet😂😂

  10. He got you, sweetheart. Congratulations, you played yourself.

  11. Hi miss pls accept my challenge I will definitely defeat u

  12. I just wanted to wish an amazing day to all the people in this comment section, 🫡you're all fantastic human beings that deserve unlimited love and appreciation.😘 Never forget that kindness is the best approach to life.😊

  13. Well i never knew i have 2 sisters. We've got the same name and i can play chess too 😂

  14. You forgot that he beat you on a rematch for the date

  15. Bro…even Chad feels bad for this guy, and Chad doesn't care about anyone.

  16. I’m losing hope in humanity, this is the stuff that’s ruining youtube

  17. Ima go rewatch queens gambit for the 3rd time

  18. bro he’s been working for months give him a date 😅

  19. "You know what happened to the last guy who tried to date me?"


  20. "So he spent the next 30 days doing nothing."
    The video ends

  21. I am pretty sure that I can win you at chessz

  22. She might’ve took his queen but he was focused on a different queen lol

  23. Why did he not take her knight with his pawn? Those 30 days learning for what?

  24. Qh6 was a terrible move, Ng3+ immediately was ending in mate.

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