Beating a 400 Player: Step by Step

Hikaru explains every idea in a 10 minute game Step by Step: How to Get Here in a game with a very strong 400 rated player.















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  1. Some people have low rating because sometimes the opponent doesn't move for like 2 min and hell nah we aint waiting

  2. For those who are wondering: the person that hikaru played's score is now around 1200, so yes they have improved quite a bit since they played hikaru.

  3. As someone who started playing chess last week. I’m super confused

  4. I’m new to chess lol but how were you jumping over pieces with the rook and moving multiple pieces in one turn?

  5. Love how hikaru is a humble player with great sportsmanship

  6. Bro I always get beaten by 200 rated players lol

  7. Okay so I’m a beginner chest player and I was wondering if it would’ve been better to move the queen to C4 @4:40 to cover the knight then use white knight to take the pawn. And after that bishop or not?

  8. Jesus fuck man, him repeating the same idea for 2 minutes restating the same thing is insane. It’s like he’s calculating variations in his sentence as he speaks lmao

  9. Why is Smurfing so socially accepted in Chess? In any other games smurfs are hated

  10. U are inspiring wish u all luck in this world. Thank you for showing me such a great game. It really changes my life and I’m a bit addicted actually 😂❤

  11. that 400 player played really really good, im sure they're playing with a smurf account

    368 player also did a great job

  12. Hikaru with the positivity after ending the mans life with 6 horses, lmao. We love you.

  13. And all this time.I've been wrongly promoting pawns to queens. That's why I always lose.

  14. can someone explain why he didn't go n6e, I'm new

  15. hikaru can premove alot of games agianst high elo people, but id be only impressed if he premoved a 100 elo checkmate

  16. Very nice videos GMHikaru !
    ( People who play chess on insane level inspire me. To play it and forget about become a master as well )

  17. There's a elo 1600 youtuber out there, who played down to 400, to teach his 10 subscribers: "Beating a 400 Player: Step by Step"

    He never posted his side of this story…

  18. I always struggle in the 7 knight 1 king end game. Seems a little unbalanced, imo.

  19. Why is it that i can never find a comment from the player featuring in the video man. YOUTUBE START WORKING PLEASE

  20. I was learning so much then "players union" then he started premoving everything with no explanation. And yes the all knights checkmate is cool but it doesn't really help people who clicked on this video to win regular games at 400 elo. Also I hope this was a sub or follower cuz smurfing at your level and getting a 6 knight checkmate on a random public player is kinda fucked up.

  21. Some kings put a horse in a box.

    Some horses put a king in a box.

  22. imagine playing super good against Hikaru and then being check mated by 6 horses. hahaha

  23. Normal people: promote their pawns to queens

    Hikaru: promote then to knights to humiliate 400

  24. Imagine being a 400 playing against a GM rated 2000+ normally :O

  25. Me: wins against a 400 because of 2 move combos

    Hikaru: calculates 7-10 moves and then they don't play any of those moves because they are 400

  26. I have avrege of ~85 accretecy is that good? plz tell me

  27. Lmao this is useless for lower rated players. He should of helped out an actual 400 level player

  28. Nothing to see here, uselss video, talking about a random topic instead of analyzing, clickbait.

  29. 8:40 "If you don't a plan, you shouldn't be so quick to absolutely criticize everything" just wanted to say I agree lol

  30. He was trying fool's mate on somebody with smurf in their name…

  31. That 400 guy: Damn the opponent must be a gm or something.

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