1. What kind of phycopath game of 100 elo game is this?

  2. Why the king not protected the bishop

  3. Frank is like someone that eats grass and calls himself the goat 💀

  4. Why is the other player not moving his bishop ☠️☠️

  5. Da dark dude was like hell naw I aint taking your knight cuz I think u got some sneeaaky plan

  6. Frank missed: Whatt an imbecile! Whaaat an imbecile!

  7. am i blind or second check isn't a fork?

  8. On first fork he could have forked rook instend of bishop but he to dumb for it

  9. I'm looking through the comments to find this second fork

  10. Other guy could’ve taken with bishop 💀

  11. Bro ik this video is wrong on so many levels but is no one gonna talk about the fact that that isn't a fork because after a fork ur guaranteed to win some material 🙂

  12. If you tell me this is not a fork cause the king can protect the bishoop if he does he loose the rook on another fork

  13. At the start knight on c7 was a fork, the one he played was just too cheeeeecky to not be played

  14. I thought we were past 100 elo chess 🤦‍♂️

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