Beginner Opening Lessons & Tactics | Speedrun Episode 2

The Speedrun continues!
In this Beginner to Master Speedrun Series, I start at a 400 Elo and try to climb my way up while providing lots lessons about chess along the way. In this episode, I play 3 games that feature lots of important lessons in opening strategy and tactics.
Episode 1:

0:00 Why the duck is blindfolded
0:55 Ruy Lopez ends unexpectedly
3:54 Beginner lesson in the Ruy Lopez (Spanish Opening)
6:20 Punishing someone who breaks the principles
14:05 The Center Fork Trick! (4 Knights Opening)


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  1. wish the board was more in the center of the screen
    other than that love the series so far

  2. I love these! Would be nice if you could announce the moves so that some people can listen to it like a podcast, i am training blindfold chess, and listening to this while on a walk could be very useful

  3. Hi Eric,
    All videos on both your channels have been watched, what am I gonna watch now? You need to upload content more often for your audience man, we can't do without some nice Eric content.

  4. Bro going level 45 depth on 400 elo's who hang queen in 6 moves lol

  5. Hey Eric! Could you make a playlist for the Ponziani? After watching your videos, its my new favorite opening! I also heard there are 15 total traps for the Ponziani, thought all 15 could make for a great video idea! Thanks for the amazing content. You're a legend!

  6. Thank you such thoughtful and helpful information in a manner that newer players can understand.

  7. These are so good. And you are so good. You play with such style and elegance, its hard to describe. Like watching Federer play tennis.

  8. One is not making Luft for the king. One would give Luft (Luft geben) to the king. Like in English you'd also give someone some air and not make them some air if you give them space to breathe, wouldn't you?

  9. I have one question Eric, how do I prevent myself from playing a move like Queen e5?

  10. Anyone else watching in the present?

  11. i thought everyone left twitch bc so many people get kicked for no good reason

  12. "Live to tape" were the words Eric was searching for at the beginning

  13. love this! Longer episodes would be great, but I understand those aren’t recieved well by the algorithm

  14. This may be one of the most instructional videos I’ve ever seen, and the pace at which you were going was perfect. I followed everything beautifully. Was even able to see the queen move at the end that attacked the knight and bishop. Great stuff!!

  15. Thanks for starting this speedrun I find these videos very informative

  16. definitely like the 5-10 game sizing in the videos…2 games is way too little

  17. Got Wilfred Brimley in the Diabeetus pump… damn… 😂

  18. At 4:40 , How about Qg5? When the knight goes back you capture g2, forcing the opponent to castle queenside whoch will take at least 4 moves

  19. I'm enjoying this quite a bit more than other speed runs I've seen streamed. Looking forward to these.

  20. Enjoyed the games and your excellent explanations!

  21. 2 Things: 1.: At 19:40 you move the rook to the open file – I get that, but why not just castleing long, so combine it to bring the king to safety? Is it because White is more active on this side? And 2.: make "Luft" haha that is so funny for a German like me 😀 so cool that many words, for instance also Zugzwang are German :))

  22. Loved it. Although I’m about 1300 I still learned a few things. Good notebook material.

  23. I don't care about the content anymore if the duck isn't named Gerome by the next episode.
    You subscriber

  24. This is great content love it have been waiting for the 2nd video look forward to the third!!! Hi twitch chat from YouTube quack quack

  25. Eric Rosen robbing Daniel Naroditsky's house

  26. i love that thanks to naroditsky the word 'speedrun' in a chess context is more like a slow run haha

  27. Love the vids. But I wish you'd make the board bigger and have the Webcam in the corner or something.

  28. "the king isn't a weakness if white can't exploit it", such is true of life

  29. This video format is perfect <3 Great pace, not too long, not too complicated, I absolutely love it!

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