Best Chess Game Ever! #shorts #viral #chess #memes

Today, I show you one of the best chess games ever played in the most fun, chaotic, and unpredictable fashion! This game features a variety of moves never seen before on a chess board including macaroni and cheese, a plunger, a spoon, a Pop Tart, a creamer, Q tips, a toothbrush with toothpaste, socks, a water can, and more! It’s a combination of chess in Ohio, Minecraft Block Battles in Chess, Anarchy Chess, ChatGPT Chess, Top Chess, Gotham Chess, and more! If you enjoy the chess memes YouTube shorts, make sure to subscribe and let me know in the comments.

This may very well be the best chess game ever!

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  1. the last one kinda looked like a p*nis

  2. ??! man destroyed every single brain cells i have left

  3. We need this to be a national sport but what would i be called?

  4. Please play the ✨✨*hesitation*✨✨ gambit

  5. Why did you use the plunger? You're nasty

  6. The king moving is the first normal thing in his shorts rn

  7. Oh man White should have used a Spring at beginning for a backup instead of pushing the Queen in front
    Then could've jumped when attacked and take down opponent king
    No worries,next time white will win

  8. White should have used the chicken strips to do a combo
    Macaroni + chicken strips summon the foam kid to drown blacks pawns with foam
    But i now see why white didnt use it because black had the water can and couldve washed the foam off their pawns

  9. "Now white puts the queen in a creamer"
    Me:wait what the

  10. Ahh yes perfect chess a casual game that is played like old chess

  11. Now u KNOW how to play chess in Ohio

    (I liked my own comment 💬)

  12. How the heck do you come up with these ideas?😊

  13. Teacher: you can only join the club is you play competevely


  14. Friend:Want to play chess
    Me:Sorry, i'm playing perfect chess

  15. White could've played the sponge to counter the splash attacks and then use the revolution on the black side to win 🙄

  16. Queen in coffee creamer mm yes the best move

  17. So this is what my demented classmates been talking about.

  18. This would be insanenif it was an actual game i would play everyday

  19. When ur mom tells u to use your imagination 😂😂

  20. Me: 🤢🤢🤢🤒😷🤒🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  21. Chess commentators' commentry in real life be like

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