1. the last brilliant was pretty obvious to me

  2. When my elo was 900 I saw the skewer by the queen but now I am 1300 and I didn't see it😂

  3. Man who played it – Respect to him. He is a Real Sigma

  4. Bro got from 1000 to 2600 in one chess game

  5. Bf7 de neredeyse 3000'lik cok mükemmel bir hamle!

  6. Bf7 is brilliant because after Queen takes Qe3 and black is forced to c4 or d5, the sane diagonal as the queen and either move its gonna be Qb3 and then Qxf7 for whiteTo all the people who is saying its not brilliant, maybe you are the one who is not brilliant

  7. If that bishop was taken by queen, there is Queen e3 check which forces the black king to be infront of black queen diagonally which wins the black queen. This is called skewer i guess.

  8. And then he sacrifices THE BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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