Can 3 Guys Beat A Blindfolded Chess Master?

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  1. 6:45 it’s also mate if u move the room next to the knight right?

  2. Is no-one going to talk about how Levy sounds like an evil mastermind?

  3. Somewhere, Levy's brain thought this. Said this. And didn't request for any voice effects.

    "I will not beat him in the endgame. I will take his soul"
    He said calmly while wearing a Pepe blindfold which is looking cross-eyed into the soul he shall take.

  4. Ludwig really playing the “In order to confuse your opponent, you must confuse yourself” gambit

  5. 11:58 “I will not beat him in the endgame, I will take his soul.” – Ermac 2021

  6. And he sacrificed the ROOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!

  7. This was more entertaining than a fcking movie. Keep doing this series with GothamChess.

  8. Gotham: gets mad he can’t remember where his pawn is
    Also Gotham: recites the whole fucking game

  9. yes, 3 guys can probably beat up 1 guy even if he is not blindfolded

  10. Every one in the channel are telling fuck

  11. "I WAS USING SO MUCH BRAINPOWER" hanging a queen on f5🤣🤣

  12. Ludwig took the chess boxing idea a bit too far

  13. 26:45 Ohh ok I didn’t know chess was about real life and making babies

  14. 16:37 exactly how i feel watching hikaru and magnus talking ab their games 😂😂😂

  15. I’m not Finn cap getting pawn checked by a dude blindfolded is crazy

  16. This is absolutely amazing. I am thoroughly impressed.

  17. He plays chess and has a girlfriend, I doubt that.

  18. this feels like the try guys 4vs1 chess video lmao

  19. "He forked me, he forked me hard" bru 💀💀

  20. “Against what’s his name? Gotham chess levy” this guy is bit disrespectful

  21. Levi getting hella confused because the pawn missing was just amazing


  23. Today’s quote(s) that made me literally die laughing 👏
    Levy’s gf: “QTCinderalla is in the chat”
    Levy: “What’s up, QT. I’m f**king your man harder than you usually f**k him”
    Ludwig: “WHAAAATTT???!???”
    Levy: “Your man is getting f**ked, QT”
    Ludwig: “WE GOOD, BRO?”
    Levy: “It’s borderline infidelity”
    Ludwig: “ WHAAATTTTT

  24. 16:36 is too funny. "What's he thinking?" "E4 C6 D5 B4 Knight C6 Queen F3 Bishop G3 takes takes" "What are you talking about?" 😂

  25. 11:58 "Okay, this was unexpected."
    – Ludwig after Levy sends him to the Shadow Realm

  26. It’s obvious Levi is on addy and it’s not funny

  27. Damn so Gotham is playing 3 guys while blindfolded.

  28. Omg he forgot that he sacrificed THE ROOOOOOOOKKKKK

  29. 7:16 obviously levy is an incredible player but is he cheating and taking off his blindfold to look at a screen under him here or something?

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