Can 5 Chess Players Beat A Master?

Five casual players VS one chess master. If they win, they get $5,000. If they lose, they have to wear ridiculous costumes picked by Alexandra. They are allowed to play together and will also have a MYSTERY lifeline. Drop a like and tell us in the comments what was your favorite part in the video!
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Video production by Vendetta Studios

Directed by David Lehre

Asst. Director: Kyle Schmidt
Editing & Post Production: Zach Gelwix
Lighting design: Will Chandler
Asst. Producer: Anika Khan
Camera: AJ Outloud
MUA: Kenzie Ellingwood
Photography: Hieu Cao
Executive Assistants: Rebecca Doyle & Veela
Written by Alexandra Botez, Andrea Botez, David Lehre

00:00 Intro & Rules
00:34 Meet the players
02:28 Game starts
04:02 Mystery Lifeline
16:00 Last words

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  1. I was thinking this video was about something completely different but I don’t mind chess ♟

  2. Y'all can tell she's a chess player when she made the thumbnail

  3. him: moves pawn to d5
    everyone: alright alright good job

  4. We all thought the same about the video picture

  5. The thumbnail was like a video of blacked 😇

  6. At 12:55 why didn't they just put pawn c2? The king would be in check, and if the king moved d2 the next turn they would have still gotten a queen that was defended by the bishop. Why no one thought of that?

  7. Yoooooo wtf, I thought this was something else

  8. I think at 11:45 she should have moved her queen to E7 rather than take the pawn, but I don't know the game that well I just aasume that might be the best move. someone do tell me if that is a good move or not.

  9. no one is talking about that one of them is nearly 2000 elo?

  10. The girls don’t look like pro chess players

  11. Let’s be honest we all thought the same when we saw the thumbnail

  12. 3:40 Couldn't that just En Passant the pawn that moved to hit the Queen?

  13. The interview and introduction before action but it’s chess😂😈

  14. Wonderful cinematography and storyline! Hope to see more well-thought content soon.

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