Can I Beat A Chess Master With No Queen?

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#ludwig #chess #brosvspros


  1. You guys should all play the exact same game, so when one of you messes up, you have two more chances of making the right move

  2. It feels weird seeing atrioventricular and Ludwig now…

  3. What a lovely day to be an atrioc fan, surely nothing could go wrong?

  4. This feels weird watching now that….. you know

  5. Lud, you could’ve check mated him with your queen killing the rook diagonally 🤦🏼‍♂️

  6. dangling modifier in the title ludwig…. sad

  7. 9:28 am I missing something or is levy hanging m1 here with queen f1

  8. why is everyone calling 9:28 m1, he can't move his queen to f1 with his king in check…. ffs

  9. 9:35 is M1 if he moves the queen to take the rook, correct me if I’m wrong


  11. this vid was so confusing cuz of all the switching

  12. At 9:36 if lud moved his queen to take the rook, would that be checkmate?

  13. I need a redo of this video now that stanz is good at chess. Replace Atrioc with NIcolas from the Yarb if needed

  14. I don't like your raspy voice. Sounds like you should clear your throat dude

  15. 8:50 Ludwig: “Wait, when did his bishop get there?!?”
    Me: “He double Fianchetto’d you. You literally said it out loud. It was like his second move.”

  16. I'm rated 120 in 10 blitz and beat LudBot…

  17. Did Levy miss a mate in 1 at 9:00, if he moved the room back, there was a discovered check from the bishop and it's mate. Am I wrong?

  18. Did levi miss a free Queen? 9:04 then he could've moved up to g3 and lud was checked so he couldn't take the rook? Right

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