Can Magnus Carlsen do this? #shorts

Pawns listen to the GOAT

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. By the looks of it.. he is a game official who clearly knows the Pigeon rule : where;
    if you are reading this know that i sell standard bar soaps. Dm me for more info


  3. I think he moved that pawn up 3 squares, so they had to take it back

  4. orabg utan opening. bobby fisher opening !!!

  5. Все политики в одном лице. Тупой ход😂😂😂

  6. He played Polish opening, and cancelled:(

  7. Now grandmasters definitely prefer to play Larsen's opening (1. b3) instead of the weaker Polish Opening (1. b4) but we all know Magnus can easily handle that and crush his opponent . However when "Anish Giri" talked about taking it back one square , Magnus was like … okay i accept this idea 😂😂

  8. Magnus was so proud of himself moving the pawn one square back…😂😂😂

  9. Dubov: Touch move policy in the tournament
    Magnus: I didn't touched it😂

  10. Anish Giri always trying to be related with Magnus to not to be forgotten😂

  11. I love that the dude got to do the opening move for magnus and whips out b4, like try and salvage this magnus😂

  12. Possibly the greatest move Magnus has ever played.

  13. The first every legal over the board backwards pawn move. Legendary

  14. I think it was an illegal move, wasn't it 3 squars?
    Cuz he definetely could play Grob

  15. First time in history that Russian started conversation on English language

  16. Imagine playing borg opening at this level 😂😂😂

  17. b4 is a polished opening, a totally irregular opening.

  18. When he played the move..Magnus watching like nig wtf😂

  19. The sheer childish satisfaction on his face is priceless

  20. Of course he can,
    he's the chess king,
    he can do anything

  21. Class topper vs 2 fun back benchers on exam day

  22. Did he really play b3 in the end, considering Giri's joke?

  23. Why does the inauguratio move even exist these dumbass politicians just want to interfere in everything

  24. If he takes it back one square it'll be the Larsen – Nimzowitsch isn't it?

  25. I hate politicians so much. Standing there like a moron with a fake smile just for a picture. All posturing and no work, that's their life.

  26. You can't blame him, it was THAT bad of a move, even for a world champion.

  27. Magnus’ smile is just so heartwarming ❤️

  28. The arbiter wanted to just challenge the GOAT

  29. Aw, what a cute smile at the end lmao real mischievous

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