ChatGPT Just Solved Chess

Anarchy Chess Post:

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  1. I'm feeling very bad for stockfish no cap

  2. Bro chatgpt knows how to denigafy someone

  3. ChatGPT makes stockfish look like a toddler

  4. chatgpt vs stockfish is like you playing chess against your annoying little sibling who steals queens and summons rooks to existence

  5. After all this
    Chat Gpt – so it's hard for you to win
    Stock fish – definitely
    Chat got – so would you loose
    Stock fight nah i'd win 💀💀

  6. Stockfish really said:
    "Earth isn't yours to conquer"

  7. Guess ChatGPT had some drugs last night and lost its IQ by possibly hundreds of THOUSANDS.

  8. It goes like this because no fair shake hand first


  10. Chat gpt did some serious Isekai anime shit like solo leveling and all. Summoning the knight like igris and turning the opponent into his army😂

  11. Where are the people saying that ai will take over the world?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. its not a game between chatgpt and stockfish its a game between doctor strange and tony staarc

  13. And in this position, ChatGPT plays a brilliant move, sacrificing…. THE KING!!!!

  14. Stockfish: Sacrifice the ROOOOOK!!!!!
    ChatGPT: Sacrifice the GAMEEEE!!!!!

  15. Humans- AI will replace us
    AI- Lets give you a demo💀

  16. Ohh I thought chat gpt was also gonna make the opponents king his king 😂😂

  17. Oh no chatgpt gonna get the world
    Oh no ai gonna dominant humanity
    The AI:🙂🙂🙂

  18. Stockfish takes the king
    Chatgpt – Who said I cannot make a king…
    King takes King on d3

  19. Chatgpt successfully predicted that king to e7 is illegal😂

  20. chatgpt just rizzed stockfish's queen and made her switch sides. Truly amazing.

  21. Playing With ChatGpt Is Basically Playing With A Four Year Old Toddler

  22. 7:42 why did people not talking about to the fact that chatgpt revive it's knight so that chatgpt can turn White Queen into Black Queen 😂

  23. 12:23 …no no no…what actually happened there was, the pawn managed to hurt the knight and pull him down of his horse and made him yield, and the knight fearing the pawn who is more strong in hand to hand combat, turned against his own and became a black pawn…..ChatGPT seems to be actually playing the war with all the little nuances, psychological warfare, spying, propaganda, conversion, betrayal e.t.c. that a war in a real world even rizzed up the white queen and made it's own….that's what make chatGPT great compared to this single minded algorithm bots with no knowledge of real world tactics…it probably drew some inspiration from real life war with knights and pawns and kings and queen…idk how noone sees such brilliance of the chatGPT….military should use the moves by chatGPT cause it considers all the nuances making it applicable in real war. XD

  24. how tf do you take your own pieces can somebody explain/

  25. Chat gpt is playing what I like to call "Jack Sparrow gambit"

    chat gpt: It's "Captain Jack Sparrow Gambit"

    Stockfish: "You didn't beat me. You ignored the rules of engagement. In a fair fight, I'd kill you. "
    Chat gpt: "That's not much incentive for me to fight fair, then, is it?"

  26. ChatGPT single handedly ended racism

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