Checkmate in just 4 moves! The Scholar’s Mate #Shorts

This is how you win in chess in 4 moves. It is also known as the Scholar’s Mate it is the most popular checkmate in the game of chess. You can only play this if your opponent play the same set of moves hence it is common among beginner. If you want to learn how to play chess or chess tricks do subscribe this channel.
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  1. Bro say your chess board name.your chess board is very beautiful

  2. Lol just play the queen as defend instead of knight

  3. He can block with his pawn and take your queen

  4. But when you check the king he might take your queen

  5. I don't play like this we use pawns only to block😂

  6. I always counter scholars mate with knight H6 when someone tries to do it

  7. Theres literally 18 or more different ways to stop it

  8. Can anyone tell why won't king kill queen..bcz queen was literally in front of him?

  9. Pagal ha kya koi jaruri ha kya ki jo thu chalaga wahi opponent team chalaga 😮

  10. If king kill queen by doing diagonal move

  11. See your king and opponent king both are stand in same line 😂😂

  12. King will check the queen 😅😅😅😅

  13. My opponent moves pond to attak my queen le me – kon tha be vo sala youtuber😂

  14. Bro why can’t the king kill the queen I play like that only

  15. I did it and I played with my dad, but I accidentally won two moves

  16. there is fools mate where you lose in 2 moves

  17. when you play with your niece 😂😂

  18. Rule #1:make sure your opponent's name is martin

  19. Infact he can guard your with the pawn.

  20. This is very common nowadays…😅😅

  21. its my trick!!! i invented it

  22. For those who doesn’t want to watch but win
    step 1) buy a gun
    Step2)load the gun
    Step2)pull out the gun
    Step4)shoot the gun
    I won sooo many games through this way

  23. It's check not checkmate bishop can defend it

  24. The amount of people who are slandering this opening is actually nuts. Use it til u can. U people lose anyways; can't be the biggest dent in ur elo. Seriously be grateful that he made a video like this. People are acting like they are fing ultra grand masters.

  25. His king will attack the queen

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