Checkmate Your Friends In 6 Moves

Checkmate Your Friends In 6 Moves

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  1. This is Fools mate, and it's always so disrespectful

  2. What about most players who bring the knight out

  3. Can u please make a tutorial on how to get friends ? Thanks 😊

  4. what if the guy takes the e pawn instead of the bishop 🤔

  5. For anyone wondering it’s called the Hopton attack. It’s a book move and I noticed that stockfish really likes it against 1. d4 f5.

  6. But ya Black playing e6 after trapping the bishop is dangerous for white.

  7. But what if he push the kings pawn to make space for his king to run?

  8. I don’t think I have ever played against a Dutch, but I do appreciate this! I’m just curious though (maybe it is super obvious and I am missing it) but what if black moves a center pawn or the King side bishop or knight? I feel like any of these moves could open up an escape and/or provide protection for the King. It seems like the big issue here would just be Rh6. As long as black doesn’t make that move, it feels like they would be ok. Maybe not in the best position, but livable.

  9. moral of the story
    don't play the Dutch defense

  10. Is !? A blunder a mistake or a brilliant move?

  11. I played the sicilian defense and blundered my beashop best achievement of my life

  12. These are all hope chess moves unfortunately

  13. bro did an forky forky checky checky mate mate 💀

  14. i don’t know one person the plays the dutch. but good to know

  15. Instructions unclear. Opponent did not play specific moves and I lost

  16. i am 17 beginner, is there is someone who can i play with ?

  17. Who else read you have to know this is bobbyboshow voice

  18. Great, now i just need to find someone that plays the dutch

  19. should have played e4 because en passant is forced

  20. The problem is, the people I play are too dumb to even go along with this, they do the most weird plays that throw me off and then next thing I know I blundered my queen

  21. That's why I don't like the Dutch defense. Unless done correctly, most people below 1200 who do the Dutch just end up blundering mate on the weaker side. It already makes the king more vulnerable.

  22. Brilliant cure to an initially blunder move by the bishop.

  23. I like this video you gave some good pointers 💯

  24. never once thought of the possibility of enemy using queen side bishop or knight onve they were used this trap is useless

  25. I love this but who would play the dutch defense!!

  26. 2. Bg6 is called the Hopton attack, and most players do not respond with 3. … h6. In fact, most players respond with 3. … g6, preparing to fianchetto the bishop along the a1-h8 diagonal, which is a much better response. Players play this move about twice as often as 3. …h6.

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