Chess Beginner vs. Master | Explained

Chess Beginner vs. Master | Explained

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  1. Game 2 was a perfect example of why development of your pieces matters. Black's queenside army still asleep…GAME OVER!! 😤💪🏾

  2. Amazing vindeo as always! Best teacher of chess on YT!

    Keep up the good work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. I learned some ”new” rules.😅
    I will apply them though.😊

  4. I’m coming back to chess because of this

    (I haven’t played for almost half a year)

  5. Where did you get the first game? :0

    Edit: im losing braincells after watching this 💀💯

  6. For me I’m a low intermediate Chess Player

  7. 500 ELO and easily not blundering for that

  8. I am from Bangladesh.I am love in your voice and your all chess video.

  9. 8:00 stockfish say its a blunder, white can sac their bishop Be6 and after Qxe6 then black play Qd7

  10. I did everything right on the last puzzle but I thought it wouldn't work cuz I didn't see the fork 😭

  11. where are the 2 characters on the thumbnail from

  12. When I play against 700 elo players they usually have around 80% accuracy and almost never blunder

  13. Me: Follows principles and develops pieces.
    Stockfish: That's an Innacuracy.

  14. Thanks for teaching me new techniques

  15. The average 550 player in india is better then this

  16. Thank you Ryad for these amazing games, puzzles, rules and advice. Sir I also found the last two puzzles' answer before you reveal it using your advice. Sir, but I have a problem in chess. When it comes to puzzles, I could solve it even if I didn't select themes. But when it comes to the board, I miss the tactics and blunder. What to do Ryad Sir?

  17. One day, I meet a 100 ELO chess (I am 900, but I can play more than that, maximum 1400), he delete me my 2 night and he rated me, I was about to lose, but I win

  18. Going d3 in the first game looks like hope chess to me. Bxf7+ Ke7 Nxe4?

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