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  1. Came here just for the crinky crongemas

  2. it’s been 9 months and i still say blurpin’ on a daily basis

  3. Hope someone clipped lud yelling "how do I mate?!?! How do i mate?!?!"

  4. I can't believe how good your chemistry is with lud. I could really just feel the connection between you two on this one!

  5. Also known as Stanz sacrificing his Queen, the video.

  6. Is there a vid of this full stream anywhere from anyone's pov?

  7. This is the video that got me into the Mater of Glarketing, Wielder of Glizzcalibur, and coming back to it never fails to make me laugh. Love the content Big A 🙂

  8. Bruh, I just wanna see the game but the face cams are blocking the board half the time

  9. So many classic one liners and bangers in one video

  10. Alternate title atrioc hard carries the comedy in this video

  11. So many classic atrioc quotes in this video like "krinky crongemas" and "I be blurpin" Love this cideo big A, a true classic 🤣

  12. The intro to this video looks like a deepfake

  13. I'd like to thank the Atrioc Academy For this PhD

  14. I expect my diploma in the mail Dr. Glizzy hands

  15. i come back to this vid whenever i feel down. It's like a warm hug of dying with laughter

  16. Thanks big A. You’ve saved me 4 years of my life and a lifetime of debt. Now I can go invest in crypto instead, like you told me to. I now have even more time to watch you. Thanks a ton Atrioc you’ve gotten me out of a really tough time. I’m ditching CU boulder tomorrow and I ain’t going back!

  17. The greats of classical music: Mozart,
    Beethoven, Liszt, and Pitbull. Dalé is just music to my ears!

  18. I'm adding that sweet new phd on my resume for sure

  19. "What the queen do" means something completely different and is way funnier now

  20. This might be my favorite video of all time. I come back to it every couple months

  21. Seeing Stanz with these plays after Chess-Boxing is hilarious

  22. I just watched the Atrioc Iceberg video talking about "Crinky Cronchmas" and it was in the video. The YT Algo is unreal.

  23. wondering why the algo is pushing this classic but not complaining

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