CHESS or SCRIBBLE ft. Anish, Vidit, Radjabov, Tania, Adhiban


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  1. Vidits punchline…What the hell is this 😂

  2. Adhiban 's panther is just amazing 😂😂

  3. Tanya is like " Bhediya pack"😁😆😆😆❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  4. Anish coming back to see this vedio after loosing badly in fide world cup

  5. Anish looking at this game qfter fideworldcup

  6. i would find each one of them , atleast thats what i think.

  7. Radja grooming himself after Tania's arrival and the humourous awkwardness. This was a blast hope they do these streams again

  8. Muru,,,,,,,,,,,plunder we set teh limit

  9. But this is abou Mana and Human rights , Thisis just about one side of the crimes

    The law is not a part of this ,, courts are for those experts

  10. Win onw and walk straight into the other lose ,,,we do not live in he multi verse but good luck not getting the outcome rhen

  11. Anish and you have same kind of laugh

  12. anish wrote checklists are for losers…..lmao

  13. 2:13:21 look at Anish's background lmao, Grandmasters roasting each other subtly

  14. Samay honestly played so bad here, like a 120 point player

  15. Its been 2 years , i still watch this streams when i am at my lowest

  16. Radja is the funniest person in the world!!

  17. Kaha gaya yeh bhai😢😢😢

  18. Why I am watching all the streams again…ohh God I am missing them alot

  19. Bro look at the ad in the top corner during scribble 😂😂 "Boost wear protection for chut"

  20. Samay just do time pass while playing. Like he is too slow😂

  21. Watched it again today 16.05.2024 and it really feels a fresh stream.

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