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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov answers one of the most common questions asked by his students, which is – how to train chess effectively? How should you study chess so that you don’t get stuck at the same level, but keep progressing gradually?

That is exactly what you will learn from this lesson. GM Smirnov shares with you a 30-minute chess training plan which focuses on 3 methods of training. Studying chess for just 30 minutes daily on these 3 methods will give you significant results. This will help you reach the 2000 ELO rating faster! You will also know how to train if you have less or more time available in a day.

► Chapters

00:00 How to train chess effectively & improve faster?
00:26 Chess Study Plan: 1) Tactics Training
02:51 Practice Puzzle: Can you find the win?
02:57 Chess Study Plan: 2) Play & Analyze
04:08 Analyzing your chess game with engine
06:36 Training Plan: 3) Study chess (openings)
08:18 Studying positional concepts in chess
09:00 Chess Training Plan for 30 minutes per day
10:00 Training Plan if you have more time available

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  1. Sir, the tactics that you mwntion is puzzles? What type of puzzles we need to play?

  2. Puzzle ans-
    Rh8+ Kxh8
    Qh1+ Kg8
    g6 (anything black plays)

  3. I m 1550 bullet.

    For me is impossible to reach 2000

  4. i just discover this channel and that just perfectly what i need thx you

  5. Second puzzle!
    Did you mean a checkmate or winning position?
    It took me several moves to deliver a checkmate after winning the queen in second move.

  6. Qh5, Bxc4 then the great move g6 wins for white on the position you gave for tactical exercise. ❤

  7. Have to say this video might have not helped me becose I didint follow it but I did manage to hit from 400 to 1000 in few months on my own so if you people do practise like he says I think yall can hit even more then you think. It's all about putting time in it I thought I couldn't even hit 800 but the I checked that k only played few games a week then when I started playing like 10games a day my elo skyrocketed

  8. pawn g6, opponent plays random move (doesn't matter, its forced mate in 3), we go rook h8, king takes rook forced, queen h5, king moves back, queen h7 mate

  9. tf is worng with your accent i aint understand half what i heard

  10. You are really hard to understand I do appreciate your work!

  11. Sir it's a completely checkmate because Qh5 then any black move and Qh8#

  12. First i will move my queen to h5 then to save king from checkmate your bishop will take my bishop and i will move my pawn from g5 to g6 and you dont have any valid move to protect king and after your move i will move my queen from h5 to h8 its a checkmate

  13. I saw a problem in the first puzzle. It assumes black will take White's queen but black could prevent the checkmate in two

  14. Is it okay because i'm playing so much games ( because it is fun for me )?

  15. HAHAHAHAHA only 30 minutes a day? yes i have that… my obsession requires at leave 5+ hours
    a night

  16. Hey I used one of your old courses from a long time ago briefly. It literally helped my game tremendously.

    I don't play much anymore but I can say that those few days of following along with your course improved my game a whole lot.

    Your advice is gold and I know that it works. Any serious player should consider some of Igor's work.

  17. pawn g6 then sac rook on h8 then queen h5 check king g8 only move queen h7 checkmate

  18. Is he talking about how to reach 2000 FIDE faster?

  19. Puzzle: g6! bxc4 ?! Rh8+!! Kxh8 Qh5+! Kg8 And Qh7#

  20. Playing directly Qh5 is not forcing, but seems to work after g6 and Qh8#.

  21. What do you recommend for a old beginner, I seem to go to fast miss everything

  22. As I player who has devoted many years to daily meaningful study, tactical puzzles, game analysis, professional coaching…I can tell you some people…like myself…are hopeless. I hate myself for it, but I can't improve past simple, game ending mistakes. 10 years in…I'm still trash. It's pathetic.

  23. Hi Igor!

    I really love the way you teach, but I am stuck in Bishop's Opening, where after exd4, I play Nf3, as suggested, but the opponent almost always play c5, solidifying their position. What should I do?

  24. Mr. Sy ingin belajar lebih banyak soal permainan catur, supya bagus dlm permainan

  25. Can anyone tell me how u get ELO? Where to get. Whats all ELO happing.. how people say i have 400 ELO. 😢
    Where to register 😢

  26. Im stuck on 1079 elo and this help me a lot

  27. How do i analyze my games if it's always a stupid blunder that throw away everything?

  28. This sounds like a great study format. I have two questions.
    Do you have any recommendations on how to study openings? (good sources, etc.)
    When do you think it's best to start regular self-training on endgames as well?

  29. Thanks for this advice! I've been doing loads of puzzles (2660 rating now) and some analysing my own games, but only a little study. So this video helped me discover one weakness in my training! Quite helpful.

  30. 2:54 as a 1200 rated player, i think this is the solution

    Qh5. The bishop cannot take as it is pinned. Black has no way to check the king or capture queen. Qh8# is a win

  31. Great video! I think it is good to add that in 2:34 after black's Qa5 white has monstrous Qb5!!+ and after Q:b5 Nc7# comes

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