Chess Today: Magnus Carlsen’s Brilliance and Four Player Chess!

Chess Today is back on September 6th with a review of Magnus Carlsen’s win over Dreev, Cheparinov’s huge blunder vs Navara, other World Cup action, the Daily Puzzle and of course, the premiere of Four Player Chess!

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  1. waitin for a uci / fen for four-player chess

  2. Gotta approach this like the Hunger Games

  3. 10:30 not sure why but the audio skips a little here. it repeats a bit.

  4. " double your pleasure with 4players chess " … ?
    from 1 opponent to 3 you are NOT doubling.
    Does it take much ELO to write title so idiot ?

  5. Greetings. I like your idea to disburse points to others who help in a CM but would that eliminate the scarcity factor and decrease the chances of reversal of plans; Game of Thorns? the element of only first place will cause weakness in the aggressor(s) as they go for CM and allow the other 3 to have a chance for a game changer at any given point while turning on each other in their assumed collusion.

  6. On the notation you mentioned I don't think the color of the player's piece is the right identifier.

    If there are scenarios where specific players are needed to be identified I think using the turn order position of the players is a better choice. So if you move first you might have a move in the game that looks like "… 41) 1Rea5: …." denoting player 1 moves his rook from the e file to a5 capturing a piece.

    Doing this it won't really matter who is which color, and custom skins for pieces can be used without making the notation harder to follow. The human brain processes color on a different level than written information, so if the notation is saying blue captures on f7 and the piece on the board is actually burnt orange, it's going to cause confusion.

    No doubt some people will handle it just fine, but many won't.

    edit: PS – Remi bolduc below points out the difficulties of the current game for colorblind people, having the notation be color agnostic would greatly aid the addition of settings that let colorblind people set the pieces for their type of colorblindness and have it apply to every game they play.

  7. 4 player chess isn't anything new. Quadular has been around since 1986ish.

  8. Interesting to see new variants of chess, but its nothing for me. The reason i love chess is because its perfectly balanced. For me there is No other game where two Players start at the Same conditions with pefect rules. Except Go.

  9. Pretty cool that you could hide behind dead pieces :0 And I guess it's also a very basic rule that when someone is in check, that everyone should take that person's pieces. Because they have to get out of check before being able to take back. Like at 18:55, yellow could have snagged green's pawn with the bishop.

  10. What I have noticed is that once you see someone begin an attack on someone else, take full advantage to scoop up that attacked players pieces while they are defending checks

  11. i think a common single board notation is going to be confusing. I propose that each color have its own "virtual board" looking forward, starting with the a1 (lower left corner of their own pieces) and ending at the upper right of the opponents squares across the board. so red's squares, starting from red's lower left corner would to from a1 to h14. each move will always be proceeded by the color moving. so, as an example, Pe4 or e4 for red would be (r)e4. as long as the piece moving starts and finishes on the color's big board, a1-h14, then that is all that is needed even if the destination is on a square of the opposing opponent. if a piece moves to one of the squares in an opponent area to the left or right (the a1-h3 of the opponent), then the move has an additional notation. so if a red bishop on f1 is moving to yellows (player to the left) c1 square, the notation would be (r)Bf1(y)c1. if a capture is involved, then it would be (r)Bf1x(y)c1. the destination square in this case is from the point of view of the opponents squares (only for left/right opponents). the exception is if the piece is moving to the opposite side of the board. if red's rook on a1 can capture green's (directly across the board) rook on green's h1 square, the move would be (r)Ra1xa14. this simplifies the notation for moves to the opponents area across the board. castles are (r)O-O. thoughts?

  12. Waiting for the bughouse in 4 player chess…

  13. When the red rook put green in check wouldn't it have been better to take the blue pawn because blue couldn't capture with the queen

  14. Moron trading bishop at 4 player chess. No brain.

  15. Four player chess is awesome. It reminds me of World War, yet far more tactical. The only thing about free for all 4 players chess though is that it can seem to get somewhat political, meaning players work together to gang up on another player or make agreements with each other.

  16. They should have the top 4 chess engines battle it out on this XP

  17. Maybe the pawns should be pointing in the direction they walk

  18. hey you know what also would be cool a different type of 4 player chess,were its a normal bored chess game, but theres 4 players and theres two on each side,and one person has to take turns to make a move

  19. So, 25:23 with these rules, what would happen if he did Queen to B5? (behind green bishop). Green Bishop C6 and Red Queen C7 would cause a check mate where he's checked by all three opponents!

  20. this makes chess so much more family friendly. Beeing able to play wiht the whole family. awesome!

  21. YES! AW DANG! too late hahaha nice channel dude!

  22. Its the best to promote first in 4 player chess

  23. 👁️👁️❗❗❗❗❗🎥📽️🔬❗❗🎯

  24. Something i noticed in the four player chess is that the increments were in the negatives, and for some reason this astonished me.

  25. wow you traded pieces right off which means two others players have more pieces than you. Please explain how you have any intelligence what so ever. I'm surprised you weren't drooling during the entire video.

  26. so where are the guest ho's you were talking about

  27. It was way better than spanish show!!!

  28. Knights are bad compared to Bishops now ?

  29. That moment when you are suddenly playing a IM 1 on 1. RIP JohnHS

  30. When the pawn to the end of the other party can be selected?

  31. OMG You're annoying my friend lol Knw i'm rude here but the commentary!

  32. The problem of focusing in theoretical lines is that then playing the same games over and over again. The point of theory (I prefer to say "principles") is just to avoid some fatal mistakes and that´s that, but don´t expect to tell you what to play besides that.

  33. I was down to 1 on 1, getting ready to get 2 queens and mate my opponent, which would put me above him in points in first place

    He resigned, and won because of it.

    I don't play this anymore cuz someone used resigning to be beat me

  34. The way we played the physical chess-4 version was the person who checkmates gets the others peices. This made ganging up on people a dangerous game where you had to be the one to actually get the mate.

  35. My head hurts enough playing normal chess. This would just give me a migraine

  36. Wrong move 30:44 if he just moved it a tile lower with his move, the next move will be check mate already. But he did win that's good

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