Chess VS My Ex, Loser Gets a Tattoo

Alexandra’s ex-boyfriend, Eric Hansen, who also happens to be a chess grandmaster, stops by her house for a blitz match with some extremely high stakes. Trash talk, slapping each other and different dares are all part of the match, but at the end only one of them will walk away with a tattoo of their ex’s name on their body.
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  1. U guys should "en passant" if you know what i meab

  2. Guys if he is her ex than we all stand a good chance . Next time gals she has a boooooyfriend ask her to share the pic😂

  3. imagine eric just decks her and she starts crying LMAO

  4. Bro actually looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome

  5. This was something special.. Great fun video!!!

  6. Cute. Alex is so mad 🙂 She needs the pants, I can feel it. Eric is not new to talking smack either. If she only decided that making a concession about what she can do… Would help, this reminds me…

  7. Own up to being a supporter in action of the most PATHETIC CULTURE OF HELL, LIE BABIES.

  8. You two are MEANT TO BE THIS IS SO OBVIOUS I can smell the pheromones through the screen

  9. Alex spat and slapped Eric and Eric squirt (the beer) on Alex.

  10. It not about the game, it's about the humiliation one has to suffer 😂

  11. Wtf?
    Just cldn't watch after the slap. That is a crime, what if Erik did That to her? Stupid move!

  12. Now that I’m rethinking that slap was full force and that Alex Still likes

  13. I’m a Gotham Chess and Anna Cramling sub and I decided to give these girls a try based on seeing them on those channels. Bruh this is 4 videos in a row where they are losing like every match and barely care about chess at all like damn win some games

  14. I can see why they broke up, lol

  15. I can't think of too many things that would be worse than being her ex.

  16. Neither of them can be vulnerable with each-other and neither is over each other. She still loves him.

  17. What's the point of seeing your ex after two years and playing chess together? Oh I know lol bed time

  18. i have no doubt that he deserves much more than that, but thats simply no bueno.
    guys suck, i know. i'm sorry. try not to stoop to their level though. 🙁
    some of us can see the reality of how men treat women and reject it. i promise we exist, somewhere, out there…

  19. How lucky is that guy to have been in a relationship with such a beautiful girl.

    Correction, be in a relationship at all.

  20. So he did this for content. Also, a temporary tattoo? That makes this clickbait

  21. He is getting Emotional Damage for getting slapped and roasted

  22. Those notices Alex was making after every move was halarious. I don’t blame Eric. I’d be thrown off guard too if my opponent did that 😂

  23. Damn she got some low standards if that’s really her ex 😂😂

  24. Andrea needs to see this tattoo

  25. im surprised eric didnt put it on her forehead

  26. That guy allowed 30 seconds vs 2 minutes against a Master. How good is he?

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