chess without turns

In this video, I take on @gaurichess in KungFu Chess — a chess variant where there is no taking turns! Instead, every time a piece is moved, there is a brief cool-down period before the same piece can be moved again. This video features a handful of fun and entertaining games including a funny finish at the very end.
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  1. does the person who makes your thumbnails actively hate you?

  2. Hi Eric !
    I wonder if you accept PayPal donations. I made one because I wanted to support your work. It is still waiting from what I see.

    Thank you for the very entertaining content you create Sir !

  3. Here's an opening you've never heard of: PAPA TICULATE GAMBIT

  4. this used to be such a fun game back in early 2000s. It was developed by shizmo and they had a 4 way variation with faster global cool downs on the pieces. They also had sumo volleyball. Good times.

  5. KungFu Chess? That's for babies.

    5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel when Eric?

  6. You don't need sand timer. If you move a piece once you can only move that same piece if opponent makes a move…

  7. 9:55 why I love the game. Long range pieces loose some of their strength because of the slow motion. You can predict where they are going and react in time

  8. I just can imagine two queens fighting each other trying to kill the other one and being chased lmao

  9. OTB solution, board detects when a piece is put down and a magnet holds it down for a set period of time

  10. Chess, but it's actually Final Fantasy 7

    Probably not the most accurate analogy, but it was the first one that came to mind when I saw this – the way you take turns reminds me of the ATB system

  11. "I don't wanna get forked" Eric Rosen said, while playing the variant where you can't get forked

  12. I thought like the pieces can't make turning moves, like they have to move straight all the time (which only would impact the knights

  13. eric that was just immense, i visit here and watch this damn last 3 minutes per day XDDD

  14. immagine trying to implement stockfish for this !! 🤢

  15. 2:41 the bishop took the knight while taking Eric's knight?!

  16. Penguingm would be world champ if this was a variant LMAO

  17. Kung Fu Chess used to be hosted on a site called Shizmoo, and was quite popular back around 2005. I was 14 years old then and played it a ton. It really was quite competitive and balanced. There were also variations that were fast which took more mouse skills/ reflexes, and a 4 way mode as well. The site ended up shutting down and a few clones popped up here and there but none of them lasted unfortunately. Brings back a ton of memories

  18. So having to take the king means you can move into check and get out if the opponent doesnt see it lol

  19. Forks in this game seem pretty useless. The piece forking is on cooldown while the opponent can move all the attacked pieces out of the way before it ends.

  20. I played the original game on Uproar back when that was a game site. Anyone else? The music is such a banger.

  21. I'm surprised no one played pawn wall

  22. When are you going to play… the 5d chess with multiverse time travel…?

    I need to see you play this.

  23. 2:40 watch the bishop he moves. It takes out the knight mid-jump!

  24. I have never heard of chess without turns. This was amazing to watch. 4 person chess without turns would be insane.

  25. 2:42 did the black bishop take out the white knight while neither of them were on squares?? 😂

  26. You can do king takes king in this game mode

  27. Kung fu chess looks cool. Need fast reaction times

  28. The way the pieces slowly slide around the board, despite the game referencing a famously fast-paced class of martial arts, is so amusing.

  29. You can’t be forked because you can move both pieces that are under attack!!!

  30. you gotta research rook movespeed upgrade in tier 2

  31. 2:42 haha that bishop took out the knight in the middle of his jump

  32. I just got the funniest ad ever, it’s aimchess


  34. Endgames ar super easy you just make 2 attacks on king and he may not run away from them in time

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