clips that made Magnus Carlsen famous

These are Magnus Carlsen’s best moments

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  1. Pretty sure something other than these clips made him famous

  2. Anish Magnus and Hikaru made me love chess. Not because of their influence but because they mixed humility, humor, and intellect—they’re the full package

  3. his title as the world champion : am i a joke to u ??

  4. I hate chess streams so much. WHY ARE THEIR FACES LARGER THAN THE BOARD???

  5. Like he needed YouTube to be famous, smh!!

  6. Nepo: Sh!t, Magnus must be thinking of a crushing strategy.
    Magnus: Fud is guud, yum yum

  7. lol 6:59 when u see magnus side on he lets the world know he is a gamer while making those who dont know think he just has very bad bed hair lol

  8. What i can see from Magnus Career is that every year that passes he gets more annoyed that no one came even close to his level.

    He became the best chess player in history by a far margin without effort while he actually just wanted to play soccer.

  9. drunk magnus is my spirit animal

  10. So THATS why Hikaru looks at him like that on the podium.

  11. 3:28 "as happy as you can be beating a 16-year old" says the one who manage a Draw against world chapion Kasparov at age 13.

  12. Dwight and Carlsen is the crossover we all deserve!

  13. When you are that talented at chess you can really get away with being a total douchebag

  14. Correction : clips that are famous because of magnus carlson 😁

  15. ur really playing the caro kann? awoo eiighhhh!!!

  16. what is the name of the song at the end?? Someone please tell me 🙁

  17. @6:54 she said pregnantha 💀,
    Dont do my boy dirty like that!!!!!!!! Im dying inside 😭🤣

  18. Is Magnus a West Ham fan, cus Dimitri Payet played in West Ham in 2016.

  19. Magnus is famous because he is the greatest chess player of his generation and was world champion for many years, has little to do with “clips”

  20. Title should be clips that are made famous by carlsen

  21. We’ll probably never get a WC with a similar personality again. They all seem like complete nerds

  22. And where is the 395 minutes long "The Queen's Gambit" Netflix miniseries, huh? This is what made chess really popular again and these Grand Masters famous in the first place. This and the Covid-19, get your facts straight!!! omg lol haha roftl

  23. 0:27 He is multi-talented, his singing is also above mediocre.

  24. 🎉😢😮😅😅😊😢😢🎉😂😮😅😅

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