Craziest Game of Chess #shorts

Magnus’s reaction in the end says it all 🥹

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. At final movie instead of Qc6 what if he takes the peon on a6

  2. Can anyone tell queen to b7 is checkmate or not because both players shows no sign of attention on that Postition

  3. Why the sound of the clock is so satisfying😊

  4. Why the sound of the clock is so satisfying.

  5. Bro missed mate I one but yet he wanted to do it in style

  6. Siyahlar Tam mal gibi oynamis alsan orda veziri

  7. Magnus had 5 secs left and was still able to promote to queen then checkmate against GM. This is why he’s number 1.

  8. I love how Magnus move his King close to queen to protect the queen. Such a gentleman genius act.

  9. White had a great move and could take blacks queen

  10. I'm a beginner so I didn't understand why Rapport didn't take Magnus's queen in g8 with his rook in h8

  11. White queen to b7 is checkmate in the initial moves right

  12. Magnus forgot he had two queens he could take the rook and checkmate

  13. In video – queen e5 black was the perfect 1st move😅

  14. hitam bodoh sekali ya.mentri putih bisa hilang .kalau jalan nya benteng .sewaktu raja pindah dari sisi kanan . hitam terburu buru ngambil keputusan .

  15. La verdad es que las negras tenían para ganar. En el momento en que magnus coronó la segunda reina, la dama negra debió haberla eliminado. Si la otra dama blanca se comía la reina, entonces la torre negra la eliminaba. De lo contrario la dama blanca se retiraba, y las negras conservaban la ventaja

  16. Why black didn't kill the queen when second queen born .

  17. Это чё в казахстане было

  18. Guys why did they stop playing the game should be continued am I right

  19. seharusnya hitam menang kalau mau mengambil salah satu ratu

  20. After Qf7 apponent Missed Rc6. Huge Blunder😊. Carlsen would have lost.

  21. His rival was a silly. He could take tha first and the second queen and finish the game. 😂

  22. It supposed to be draw isnt it
    Even that black still has one pawn free move

  23. why black queen didn’t take white queen as soon as that pawn promoted ???? then white takes black queen . rook take white queen and the result is winning for black !!!!

  24. I dont get it. It was not over yet…am I missing something?

  25. Ayo dont know much about chess but wasn't qxb7 mate

  26. when e8 queen move to g8 after black wins mybe

  27. आकाश🕉️-The lord of the sky ♥️uM&D•. says:

    Isn't a checkmate when white queen was on f7 and threatening checkmate on b7 protected by pawn.

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