I finally managed to defeat Vidit Gujrathi and Sagar Shah

Edited by Billu Sanda


  1. Yeh wali stream par bhi Tiger Shroff aagaya

  2. Other than antichess, That is the only format I can expect samay to win against vidit 🤣

  3. 6.9lakh subscriber😂ye "." Kya hai😂

  4. Samy is too good…..he is comedian, sarcastic, chess player, guitaist. What else is required? ❤️

  5. Samay kitnaa patlaa tha!!!🤣🤣🤣

  6. And he says yellow is the colour he hates🙄

  7. i literally thought that this is tanmay's channel

  8. Iqoo ad is now irritating me , will f**cking depopularize it

  9. Isse bada gandu format nahi hai chess ka 😂😂

  10. bhai legend watching this masterpiece today

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