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🔹 An Aggressive Opening For Black Against e4 | Traps to win FAST –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares a really cool chess opening trap for Black against 1.e4 that allows you to win in just 8 moves even against strong, experienced opponents!

Another cool thing about this trap is that the worst result for Black in this trap is just a draw.

► Chapters

00:00 Chess Opening Trap Against 1.e4 to Win in 8 Moves
00:12 Scandinavian Defense, Modern Variation 2…Nf6
01:05 Key Paradoxical Move 6…Nb4
02:22 1) If White plays 7.c3
04:51 What Stockfish says about this trap?
05:15 Worst result for Black is a draw
05:54 2) If White plays 7.c4
07:05 Checkmating the White king

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  1. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. and what if your opponent play bishop to D3 insted pawn to C3.

  3. I am stuck in 1300 elo how to increase points & how to think ahead moves

  4. you should say more which is the best move for the opponent so that we can learn even more! huge love to, i have watched so many videos by you and learned so much, i went from being 1000 elo to 1400 in just a week<3

  5. Naturally I had to watch this to learn how my opponents will try to trap me after also watching this video.

  6. so as white you want to play Be2 instead of d4 or perhaps play d3 instead of d4 to cover up the diagonal and the square so black can't give a check with a double attack.

  7. Hello chess friends, I bought this course "My Thinking System" in the past and what can I tell you, it was the best investment I've ever made in my long chess career!!
    For this price, the digital quality is certainly not the newest on the market, but the "content" is first class! 🙂

  8. What happends if the opponent attacks ur queen by the pawn f7 to f4? Please help

  9. Really you re the best teacher. Thank you I learned a lot from your videos. ❤

  10. ‘They have to do something about that, and continues to take the pawn, but how many players would do this? I wouldn’t.

  11. So I ran this trap and the opponent took a suspiciously long time to make a move (~2 minutes of the 5 minute timer) after I delivered the check with the Queen. Then they found Kb2. I suspect they ran it through Stockfish. I still won though.

  12. That's a great video Igor, but you should give credit to Adamisko sach, the Youtube channel from which you certainly found this cool trap called the "Xena Attack" 👍

  13. Do you have a channel where you play games?

  14. What about bishop to king3 after knight pushing forward?

  15. I usually just play Bb5+ in that position as white and then try to hang on to the pawn 😂

  16. I have already won a lot of games this way, thank you.

  17. Jeff Schwartz 4 T.O. Council - Jeff4TO Dot Com says:

    @2:48 – White can play B-d3 to make sure that black's knight is eventually captured.

  18. What if they play Be3 instead of attacking the knight? That blocks the check before it even happens.

  19. What if white covers the check with Queen in e2?

  20. i reached the position after 6. Nf3 in 5 games out of total 833 online, so it really is a relatively common position for Modern Scandi players. Until now I played sth else in that position but I'll try to remember using this here from now on, looks very promising, thanks.

  21. Can you make a video how to play against scotch as black

    I love your videos without your videks i would still be 500 elo now im almost 900

  22. Genius and expert chess teacher GM Igor!

  23. I have been stuck at 1500 for many months. Yesterday, I watched your video, "My Thinking System". I then went online to play, and beat a1650 rated opponent, and then an 1820 rated opponent in 30 minute rapid games. Today, I beat a 1700. I purchased the whole Thinking System course. I will let you know how it goes😀

  24. Thanks for posting. i really enjoy crushing your followers who you make think these "EZ win" trash tricks work in the real world. Maybe create a playlist named "Chess for trash players" with all these videos so they can find them easier?

  25. "As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." *Bill Gates

  26. Hope this saves me in my first tournament tomorrow! I hope I crush a lot of beginners and intermediates with this. I'll recap what happened after the tournament

  27. At 7:34 instead of castling, Rd8+ is better. The idea is that you want to play the move b5 after Kc3 instead of the rook sac. If you castle, then play b5 there is mate in 2 with Qa6+ Kb8 Qb7#. The move b5 takes advantage on the fact that the c4 pawn is pinned to the queen and the queen is stuck defending Qc2#

  28. If black plays 1. e4 , d5
    I go into the the Tenison Gambit with 2. f4

  29. I have beaten an opponent rated 1725 with this one.

  30. What about if queen goes e2 sure you can take the rook but he takes your queen?

  31. After Knight to B4 my "natural" next move would be Bishop to E3 preventing any check from the Queen. After that move white can start to chase the Knight.

  32. Almost chess blogger is mention about black how about white too

  33. What's with useless openings lately? Biship to e3 is the mopst natural looking move and it shuts this idea down completely.

  34. What do you suggest if opponent goes Be3 after 11th move

  35. ok but what about Bd3 instead of c3 or c4?

  36. It was fun playing chess with you last night!

  37. If we played Kb4 then opponent played Bd3 , help?

  38. Thanks for this video dear grand master 💗💗💗💗

  39. If the white plays bishop d3 instead of pawn c3, then everything goes to dustbin.

  40. Wrong. The bishops were moved in the wrong order. Moving the white bishop out first creates the loss of the knight

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