Do Chess Players Fake Interviews? #chess #shorts

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Kramnik video by @ChessBaseIndiachannel
Music by Massobeats
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unreported — CC BY 3.0


  1. caruana said he didn't know the evaluation of the final position. then why did he resign?

  2. So was Kramnik cheating all the time 15 years ago?

  3. Ah Kramnik
    Dear Kramnik
    It feels like this didn’t aged that well
    How far we have come 😂

  4. It's crazy how Fabiano's crept up on us as objectively the strongest force in the chess world.

    Think about it… hosts the biggest chess podcast on the planet, regularly gives great commentary for high profile chess tournaments. Yet also 2800+ player with a legit shot at winning the championship, who most chess players consider to be top 2-3.

    He checks literally every box one to cultivate a large and loyal fanbase… yet he somehow isn't breaking through with the mainstream (like Hikaru & Magnus, for example). Weird.

  5. Kramnik lying isn’t surprising. But it is funny

  6. Of course the engine says it's shit

  7. Kramnik finds this short

  8. This one's aged beautifully, bro is simply full of shit

  9. Fabi has some of the best analysis going in a variety of different issues. He's a very intelligent individual who is able to ignore bias and come to his own conclusions. Love Fabi man, really refreshing to listen too.

  10. typical Russian dude move, say a bunch of bullshit but very confidently

  11. That's really INTERESTINGG Mr. Kramnik. Shall we run STATISTICS on wrong moves in your interviews?

  12. I semplify the position , i never trust somebody i don't know

  13. Anyone else who wanna say thay he watch the post-game interview of ding and kramnik?

  14. Fabi😐show some class😐show some respect to former world champion😐that's why you won't be the world champion! Never!!!

  15. yet this interview was way before his allegation against hikaru

  16. Kramnik is just a smug scumbag. There, I said it. Good day.

  17. You talked 8 months too early. Now everyone knows Kramnik is nuts 😂

  18. The part that really sticks out to me is that Fabi tells this story as himself and even he had to check with an engine to know for sure Kramnik was full of it.

  19. This reminds me of ivanchuks legendary interview where he recited a bunch of moves, but they werent bs

  20. If it can't be magnus, I would be happy with Fabi as world champ. 🙂

  21. I mean I dont know why Kramnik is accusing when he himself faced such allegations in 2006 chess championship lmao

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