Double Brilliant Pony Sacrifice ‼️

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  1. Isn’t Qb2 just checkmate? After you check with the bishop? Correct me if I am being stupid but that looks like checkmate

  2. yellows brilliant and red brilliant never get old😂

  3. His oppoment could have played Nb2 instead or Rd2

  4. Bro not playing for winning but playing to see how many brilliant he can make😂❤

  5. If David Guetta’s son played chess ♟ BRILLIANT MY FRIEND!!! 😊 🎉

  6. Bishop c2 instead of rook c2 could been easily check mate or win queen and then win bishop on b3

  7. After white knight to e4 then Bc2 king anywhere Qb2 checkmate
    If Qd2×Bc2 then Rc2 king takes the rook .. Qb2 and its winning

    Am i wrong?

  8. Ah yes the new middlegame tactic "pony gambit"


  10. WittyaBrilliant WittyaBrilliant WittyaBrilliant

  11. "Pony takes c 2 to remove the defender of big b pawn" ☠️

  12. In the midst of chaos, the audacity of hope ti sacrifice the pony!! Don't boo, spam the the brilliant emote, so romantic ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Its my life its now or never" says the opponent while witty takes his life🔥🔥‼️‼️❤️

  14. My man should of just took he savced too many pieces and two rooks vs a queen is most likely a draw or a win for the rooks if they play correct

  15. You really hate your big pieces witty haha ❤❤

  16. what has the pony done to deserve that 😢

  17. الِامْبِرَاطُورُ الـــموري says:

    Since i started following u my rating dropped because of Blunders disguised as brilliant xD

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