Falling for the easiest jokes!

QTCinderella, Ludwig, Stanz, and Atrioc play chess. Funniest games of all time. Atrioc falling for the easiest joke of all time.
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  1. The video started with Ludwig and then after a minute I realized this was from qt’s POV then after another minute I realized it was qt’s video cuz there was no “BOIS!” at the start

  2. 0:44 QT dropping straight facts. Honey chipotle chicken crispers. Get them with the waffles…. it’s absolute gold.

  3. It is truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

  4. 2 player chess is strategy
    4 player chess is politics

  5. Poor Stanzy just wanted to have fun with his friends

  6. Why isn't QT in pog champs instead Ludwig 😞😞😞

  7. Qt's improvement in chess is pretty Pog to see

  8. Let's all take a moment and talk about how good QT got at chess like damn. watching her got into chess and seeing the progression is awesome. I hope she does well in the upcoming pgchamps, she deserves it

  9. Yo that last game was fucking beautiful! You show it to Anna! You're improving so well dude, keep doing it

  10. I love how 4 player chess is more politics than chess 😂

  11. Just found your videos and Ludwig's. Keep up the great content. 😺

  12. See, as a chillis fan, and enthusist, Stans isnt wrong, hes just not right yk. Chillis is what applebees wishes to be. Ive had way to consisent of an expierence at chillis then most resturants. And What i mean by that is, when you go the one right next to you, or in my case all the way in like sacramento. You cant even distiguish your at a different location.

    Where as apple bees is just varrying levels of dry.

    but with all food places its still RNG human error. Ive only had like 2 mid times at chillis where the cripsers where just a tinge dry

    but dont ever dare put chillis fries near that pittiful excuse of a fry apple bees puts out.

  13. qt has more chess content than lud does tbh

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