FFA Warm up game | 4 player chess

how have you been doing?
4 player chess rules:
Free For All
Pieces move and capture like always (though there is no en passant at this time)
Points are usually earned by capturing live (colored) pieces:
Pawns: +1
Knights: +3
Bishops and Rooks: +5
Queens: +9
Kings are +20
Checkmate eliminates a player and earns +20 points
Your pawns promote to Queens on your 8th rank (at the center of the board)
Promoted Queens are worth only 1 point
Dead (grey) pieces in the armies of eliminated players do not provide points
Delivering a double-check is worth +5, and triple-checks are worth +15
When a player resigns or times out, leaving two or more active players on the board, their King remains live and is still worth +20 to whoever can capture it; but if there are only two players remaining, the remaining player will be given +20 for every remaining king
The player with the most points at the end, wins!
If a position is repeated 5 times the game will auto-draw and reward +10 to all remaining players
If 100 plys are made without a capture or pawn move the game will end immediately and award +10 to all remaining players
If Stalemate occurs the stalemated player will be removed and +10 will be rewarded to all the remaining players
The current time control is 1 minute with a 15 second delay. That means each player has 15 seconds to complete their move and after 15 seconds their total game time will start ticking down. Players are eliminated when their time runs out!


  1. Please check the leaderboard, Iā€™m sure you got 8th, congratulations!!!

  2. I see the "Dubious Double-Knight Defense" is growing in popularity!

    Great work Dubious. Keep the commentary videos coming!

  3. Nice video! Personally i dont have time to play but i like watching your videos. You have great commentary šŸ™‚

  4. Hey! Great video. I wish that you didn't claim win but rather checkmate the guy to your right.

  5. I'm so glad you're back,happy New Year xDxS

  6. So great to see you are back! In almost all the games I play these days I see your opening being played by atleast 2 players. You have certainly left a mark. Looking forward to more tactic being developed by you apart from the opening šŸ™‚

  7. Happy to see you back. I never even played chess, but I started playing 4 player chess from your videos, and I'm 1389 so far, and i'm a disaster at end games because I don't play chess, but I win a lot following your tips. Thanks!

  8. Good to see you back man. I was checking your channel regularly to see if you have posted something or not. As always lovely game. Cheers mate!

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