First-Ever 4 Player Chess Team Championship: Commentary by Hammer and Botez

GM Jon Ludwig Hammer and WFM Alexandra Botez comment on the first-ever 4 Player Chess Team Championship as GM Kononenko and Barantsev take on GM Warakomski and FM Reza. Don’t miss history in the making!

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  1. a link to the 4-player rules would be helpful for us noobs

  2. Hammer and Alex doing a great job of an impossible commentating task 😀 …. Many Thanks

  3. Been waiting for this for a long time now! Hope its good!

  4. I wonder how Magnus will do in this game mode :oooo

  5. Jon Ludvig Hammer peak rating: 2705. Alexandra Botez peak rating: 2092. One of these things is not like the other…

  6. Is there a stockfish or any other engine for 4 players chess? Im just curious. I know that engines use some endgame tables to finish the game but since this is a very new game mode and we have so little knowledge about it it would be interesting to see like 4 engines play against each other

    EDIT: I just watched the beginning and no. there are no engines yet

  7. Just wanna say this is a ridiculous incomprehensible game mode and I loved every second of it

  8. Alexandra Botez such a beautiful elegant girl, can't keep my eyes off her

  9. This was one of the best videos I've watched in a while. Thanks very much for running the championship and thanks for the commentary.

  10. Should be two ways to promote pawn on enemy back rank should become a dick for sure

  11. I’ve never watched Alexandra but she’s a good commentator. Likable, willing to speak her mind, yet also willing to listen. Hope she doesn’t read these comments lol.

  12. new scoring idea
    queen: 12
    bishop: 5
    rook: 4
    knight: 2

  13. This teams version reminds me sooo much of Blokus!! Awesome stuff!

  14. 16:40 starts to count pieces. Look under and on top of the names… It shows the pieces taken lol

  15. the embarrassment of dying by a pawn lol

  16. I imagine this was an exciting game but I'm colorblind watched it anyway

  17. 1:43 if yellow took that pawn green would move his king and blue would actually capture yellows king. That king would disappear from the board. hahaha

  18. For the sake of clarity, the UI interface should indicate the direction of each side, for example, by an arrow of the same color at somewhere near the picture/timer.

  19. 205:20 "And now we have checkmate" (commentator somewhat amateur vs. top players playing) Qa10 pins defender and Qxb8 was checkmate for RY

  20. 32:00 blue and green had mate on red. Blue rook right in front of king, green rook moves down, so theres 2 checks. They had mate for like 5 turns

  21. You guys should get one of these top players who are already knocked out or just not playing to help commentate. You guys did a great job and I mean no disrepect I just think it would be insightful and or helpful if you had a 4pc expert involved.

    Just want to say again great job though

  22. 4 player chess is superior to regular chess

  23. Damn! Two queen Scholar’s Mate! Absolutely brutal… …and then a Botez Gambit in the last game. Amazing!

  24. Speaking of taking how queens make it too scary, maybe Advisors to the king should re replace them.

  25. 29:00 hammer said he doesn’t know what the material thing means……

  26. The commentators are missing double checks from queens

  27. I wish there is 4 player championship for kids.

  28. P = 100, N = 300, B = 475, R = 525, Q = 1275. I find these values to be best in a 4pc engine.

  29. This is why I play FFA, I'm horrible at Teams, but also when I play Teams they don't communicate with me.

  30. 1:22:02 red bishop checks blue beside the yellow knight to have 2 checks, blue king has only 2 squares, then knight moves discovered check by yellow rook, then blue king will be on mating net

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