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  1. sabo paşa öğrencisinin satrançla ünlü olmasının ardından kızların ona düşmwsi medeniyle hayran kalmış olsa gerek

  2. Magnus is a savage, he literaly deestroys grand masters while having a party with his friends
    This is why he is the goat🐐

  3. Guys what chess are you talking about. All I see a girl who dancing

  4. Go dance with the girl, what you doing random guy in the background lol

  5. Stunning moves! I don't mean the chess moves.

  6. Las Botez que no ganan a nadie siempee metidas jaja

  7. If you pay attention you will see a girl dancing in the back!

  8. Best example of
    " Don't blame your Distractions ,
    Just improve your Focus " 🗿🗿🗿

  9. The girl behind next day : did i get drunk yesterday? 😂

  10. Magnus kept the dancers to distract Firouza 😂

  11. Are those Botez sisters dancing in the BG?

  12. If u focus only on chess moves not on girl u r real chessolic.😂

  13. Be my lover – La Bouche
    I can't believe they're listening to this.. It was my favorite song as a kid. My Godfather would take me to the sports bar & grill where I'd get a bifana with black olives and orange sumol! I was like 7 or 8. It was magical.

  14. We are ao lucky to have such an entertaining world champion

  15. What is Jordi doing with magnus 😂😂😂

  16. Why didnt he get the castle at e1?

  17. Yo this song. I completely forgot the name. I used to listen to this as a kid. Someone tell me the name

  18. If you look real close there's a guy playing chess

  19. Baby do that thing on lap of magnussson

  20. There's a clown hovering around in the room.

  21. Haha she just snored Q of some good Norwegian amphetamine 😂

  22. They high asf that's why they all wear glasses in a dark rooom 😂

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