Four Player Chess! #2 | GM Tal Baron Trying out 4 Player Chess on

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A crazy session of UltraBullet.
I’m creatively using the live stream feature to motivate myself to concentrate.

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“Tal’s games are an unlimited source of inspiration for me”- Bobby Fischer

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  1. 6:53 to 9:XX blue may actually trade is promoted pawn (his 2nd queen to win your knight on f3, +3 for him / +1 for you
    9:53 your knight on f3 was hanging due to the green dark square bishop

  2. Thank you for showing me this !
    I cant stop playing it and have put my regular Chess on hold.
    A Question….Why do you keep avoiding trades ? Trade = points…what comes off the board is whats important not what stays on…right?

  3. I know you have probably already figured this out for yourself but I have been having a good amount of success with King side fianchetto positions. I find that if you open with a kingside fianchetto you are already striking a blow to whichever side you are opening your bishop to. It makes it difficult for them to castle. If they ever do, then a well placed Queen can threaten mate without a lot of players noticing. I have managed to checkmate at least one person in almost every match with this technique.
    If you are going to fianchetto one side though I have found it's normally best not to do the same on the other side. Instead, starting with h3 followed by g4 and f4 – f5 and expanding that way.
    I don't want to sound patronising, and I apologise if I do. You are a far better chess player than I. I have just been playing nothing but 4 player chess for about 4 or 5 days now and have completely abandoned normal chess for now. I really like the idea of watching all of your opponents and only striking when it is opportune to do so. I'm getting better at this than real chess. 🙂

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