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Discovering a new Chess Variant.
I’m creatively using the live stream feature to motivate myself to concentrate.

“Tal’s games are an unlimited source of inspiration for me”- Bobby Fischer

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  1. @Tal Baron: Dude, its not sooo bad, to have a Queen on your face… a commoner would suffice as well, me thinks. Me also thinks, Your paranoia may get the best of You – at least at 4 player chess. 😛

  2. I've played this game with the same colors for all the teams, buton an actual board! Not kidding!

  3. I'm sure that as your rating increases you play more rational players. Your frustration with the irrationality of the other players comes from them being beginners. You are thinking at a high level of game theory adn interactivity, but a beginner level of strategic understanding. Your peers at this rating mostly have a low level of all three. You just have to improve enough to fight your way out of the cellar.

  4. Missed checkmate at 1:20:53 :p Taking pawn with the bishop on d2 would be checkmate 😀

  5. If you think about it, you start the game with eight connected passed pawns in this variant. Very interesting, I don't think I would do well lol.

  6. it should be: getting checkmated: -20, resigning/flagging: -100

  7. You are complaining way too much… I'm pretty sure nobody is trying to gang up on you intentionally, those guys just want to capture stuff and probably don't understand the game very well.

  8. I'm not going to be vengeful.. F the red guy he corroborated against me

  9. at minute 18 I don't know if is checkmate yet because if team yellow checkmate you then team red maybe I am not sure but maybe can grab team yellow's queen, does it make sense?

  10. Proposed notation: notate from the current player's perspective. The 3×8 blocks are a1 through h3, the centre block a1 through h8, each block is assigned a letter r, u (blue), y, g, m (middle) – not using b and c to avoid confusion. Not necessary to specify the block letter if it's the same as the player making the move.

    So the opening to game 4 (1:11:51) is
    1. me1 md1 md1 f3
    2. d3 e3 e3 Nc3
    3. mf1 Nf3 b3 e4

    If you need to resume from someone other than Red as when using "…" in regular chess, you can do so like "4u. Nc3" to say Blue's 4th move.

  11. im green and im laying around, im basically pickle rick

  12. I guess this game has nothing to do with normal chess anymore.

    And I think its completely shitty.

    Its too easy to promote since you dont need to get past any enemys line.
    And its unfair when the guy left of you checks and the other two player can just take your pieces for nothing, cause you need to react to the check first.

  13. 1:50
    Actually this kind of is not necessarily bad.
    If Green captures Reds other bishop, Red can only take one of them back. So they both have a 50% chance of just winning a piece.

  14. 18:25 you actually had king g8 (or whatever number it is ) and the red bishop is denying his checkmate by covering the diagonal 😀

  15. So the king cannot capture? I'm not sure I get why he got checkmated like that with the queen

  16. Locking Horns or Crossing Swords–those are the phrases you are looking for.

  17. tal, 18:26 if you only move the king without blocking red bishop maybe yellow will not checkmate you because red bishop will take his queen after

  18. I used to be GM. But only in timer games. If my opponent is given 1 minute or greater per turn I won't do so good.

  19. First time I feel myself better than a GM in chess! 😀

  20. In the first game you won, you could've just resigned at any time and guaranteed your win!

  21. You're missing the point, if green "trades" a yellow piece he isn't actually trading, the point is that red and blue still have to move, so if you attack another piece or you capture a yellow piece, yellow can only recapture once. Of course it goes way deeper because if he recaptures green it could be your piece is still hanging for green and red to act on it, but you get the point I guess.

  22. 45:00, he didn't have a mate in 2. You are thinking as if the red pawn was attacking to the left as It would have been in regural 1v1, but in this variant the red pawn is atacking downwards which would make your proposed move a blunder that would loose the queen.

  23. At 2:17:12 you should capture… this way you would open your black square bishop and threat to checkmate the green

  24. I suggest you eat… before the videos!! How's that? I'll give you an option. How about eating after the videos?

  25. Regarding teams…

    Being left to themselves gives players another variable to contend with. Notice how players quickly shifted from attacking the weakest to ganging up on the strongest. In the second game Green fell out due to time, but that would have been a huge victory if he had been allowed to continue. On the other hand I do like the idea of teams being in different corners or having goals such as each one taking a specific player's king, making an old game take on a whole new meaning.

  26. Tal Baron,.. your mastery level of conventional chess was your worst enemy in this kind of game.
    The multitude of hours spent learning patterns of behavior all went out the window, the average Joe player I think actually had the advantage on you because being unburdened by the complexities of all that knowledge they played as they usually do, by simply looking at a piece or two can do at a time instead.

  27. This guy doesn't have a clue what he's doing…

  28. 17:47 "The only chance to survive is by allowing him to take my King."

    Not what you hear in a normal chess game.

  29. In the first match you could have moved Kb1 and used red's bishop to defend from checkmate

  30. If players try to push the queen pawn then their light square bishops are open. Then player next to played before should give the previous player check. As soon as player get check. He can't move king as it's blocked by other pawn and also can't sacrifice queen. As a result other player can take advantage as killing his light bishop and next move can simply take out bishop.
    For example if all players pushed queen pawn then as condition to 1:48:00 green gives check to yellow. Then blue can pick his bishop as check yellow must move the pawn to save king. On upcoming move blue takes out his bishop to safety. Press like if u agree. Comment if any fault or suggestions.

  31. I hate play xhess but loves watch you playing

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