Four Player Chess with Batu, Sri & Harshit !

Yay, so Parimarjan Negi is coming on my stream for the 1st time today ! He has decided to take time off from his PHD studies at Stanford, Srinath taking a short break from his wise captain duties & Harshit too is skipping his training session .. for this all important stream of Four Player Chess ! So dont miss it ! 😀

Photo credits for our pics in the thumbnail :
Parimarjan’s pic : Neo Prime Sport
Srinath’s pic : Shahid Ahmed
Harshit’s pic : Lennart Ootes
Mine : Amruta Mokal
Platform on which we played chess on stream :
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  1. Amazing stream!!Enjoyed every bit of it!!❤️❤️

  2. Would love to see parimarjan in more streams.

  3. Try talking in English please. No idea what you were talking in hindi most of the time 😐

  4. Dhoka dene me jo maza hai na, wo kisi me nai – BM Biswasghat Kalyan Rath 😂

  5. a best idea for your stream :
    4 player chess with samay raina , sagar shah, amruta mokal and u

  6. Anyone doesn't understand something in chesscom..

    Srinath : Click on the binoculars option 😎

  7. Parimarjan trying to make a comeback?

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