Four-Player Chess with Pannenkoek: Special Capture


The winner is determined by a point system, not the last man standing. Points are awarded for captures, and whoever has the most points at the end wins.

Pawns are worth 1. Knights are worth 3. Bishops are now worth 5, since the larger board buffs them in a way it doesn’t buff knights. Rooks are worth 5. Queens are worth 9. Pawns that have been promoted are still only worth 1.

Interestingly, they had to assign a number of points to a checkmate (seemingly having to choose something between 9 and ∞), and they decided that checkmates are worth 20.

I can’t remember how stalemates are handled.

If one player becomes so many points ahead that it’s impossible for anyone else to win, then their “offer a draw” button turns into a “claim victory” button.

Pawns are still promoted after moving forward 6 spaces, rather than having to reach the other end of the board. And pawn interactions become stranger, since they can approach each other perpendicularly.

When a player is checkmated, they’re knocked out of the game, and their pieces turn grey and are no longer worth any points. The pieces can still be captured and basically just function as obstacles.

At 0:35, I checkmate the green player. At first glance, it looks like my queen wasn’t protected, and so the checkmate shouldn’t have worked. But on his previous move, Pannenkoek moved a pawn, which opened up a discovered attack from his bishop, which is what protected my queen. On his next move, Pannenkoek should’ve captured my queen with that bishop, but he didn’t since we were working together. The blue player should’ve noticed then that some sort of collusion was going on.

Here’s an eerie memory I have. A few years ago on Christmas, my brother aka Pannenkoek was excited to tell me about this thought experiment he came up with. He took out a white board and started giving me a lecture on backwards causality or a simplified version of time travel or something like that. Not in a physics sense, but in a mathematical or philosophical sense that dealt with navigating the paradoxes. I’d never heard anything like this before. He used this simple but very foreign reasoning which seemed totally logically consistent.

Every few sentences he’d ask if I understood so far. At first I did, but after a few minutes it started to go over my head. I was too embarrassed to tell him that though. I just nodded along thinking I’d figure it out as he kept talking, but I wasn’t smart enough to do that.

I feel like if almost anyone else had told me something like this, I would’ve just written it off as them having no idea what they’re talking about. But he’s the guy who understands how to exploit parallel universes in Super Mario 64. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen him make a logic or math mistake in his life.

After the lecture, he never mentioned it again. To the point where I almost thought I dreamt the whole thing.

So a little over a year ago, I asked him if he could try to re-explain it to me. At first he didn’t even know what I was talking about. It turns out he’d almost completely forgotten about it. That’s how little it meant to him. I told him the bits and pieces I remembered and that jogged his memory and he was able to rederive it. He wrote it out this time and gave it to me as a Christmas present.

These are the first three paragraphs:


  1. How long have you known pannenkoek for?

  2. Is this the first time you and your brother have collaborated for a video?

  3. The ultimate team up…
    Borp: The Chess trap king
    Pannenkoek: The Trap Killer Underdog
    Who can beat them?

  4. I swear to god you and your bro are evil geniuses. The bonus time travel paradox discussion in the description is only more evidence.

    Also as usual, nice music choice. I don't think I've heard Rayman 3 music since, well, Rayman 3.

  5. Im super happy to hear the rayman theme make a comeback

  6. Don't worry I've seen him make lots of mistakes when talking about sm64 stuff 😉

  7. The collab of my dreams wtf borp giving me the content I didn't even know I wanted yet. Beyond sick!

  8. I've been a pretty long time borp fan and this is one of my favorite videos of yours.

    1) Pannenkoek is always fun to have on
    2) The idea in four player chess is really cool
    3) The time traveling discussion in the end is an awesome bonus.

    I think one possible solution to the April situation would be that you would be unable to send the message back in time if you left the machine on and that no message would ever be sent back in time in that situation.

  9. Idk what happened but im not surprised borp did it

  10. I love the sound effect that you use when a checkmate happens, and it's great that it's the same as the one you used even in your older chess videos (at least, they sound very similar). It sounds like you're landing a rest.

    The time travel thought experiment is fantastic. My naive response to the query at the bottom of the linked page is simply that the machine will never receive any messages until one stops resolving to shut it off at step 6, but I'm curious what your or pannen have thought of.

  11. This is easily the most fucking diabolical doubles team in any activity ever.

  12. Love pannenkoek <3 hopehe comes back to commentary

  13. Remember ninja / tempest chess? This was a turnless chess variant that included a 4 way mode.

    Good memories.

  14. This brotherhood of yours is horrifying

  15. Probably not the only one, but it warms my heart whenever you and your bro interact. Reminds me of my own bro and makes me want to go give him a hug 🙂

  16. Glad to see you two working together to create something cool!

  17. Regarding April's scenario:

    Windows will wait for the task to finish before shutting down.

  18. wait? 2 legends I've admired separately and discovered independently are brothers??? now the 4d chess of your melee play has an even more solid context sharing genetics with the 4d game dissection you brother is known for. Now the Kevin bacon number between Smash players and Simpleflips is considerably smaller. XD

  19. Hello ! I think one of your chess video dispeared from your channel, it was one with unconventional strats, like conditionning your opponent etc, was it striked because of the music or did you choose to remove it ?
    I don't even play chess but I like your videos about it : o)

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