Frank Goes For GM

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  1. Turn to our lord and saviour Jesus so you can enter his kingdom of God and change your and others lives and souls amen ❤

  2. I watched this video like 5 times because of that knife cutting through whatever the hell that was.

  3. I didnt even fuckingnotice until the third time i watched it

  4. I can't pay attention with the random video at the bottom, its so distracting

  5. Step 1: kill a GrandMaster
    Step 2: absorb their GrandMastery

  6. Bruh i thought this was some copycat channel but it's actual Levy's video

  7. What the f is the video below this family guy clip?

  8. Why i wanted to hear them talk not dumahdh slow sttention span second video

  9. @GothamChess i had a 100 elo 3 minute game with blundered mate in 1 for like 8 moves, it was like a 55 move game and i think it would make good content

  10. Levy, please don’t do the TikTok thing… Not you 😔 Not everybody needs jingling keys to listen to great stories.

  11. I would love to see the title-taking thing in chess that would awesome and make sandbagging less common

  12. “Just because you killed jessie james, don’t make you jessie james”

  13. Just put some family guy clips on the bottom, and reduce half of the “face cam” to fit subway surfers.

  14. My short attention span made me look at the bottom.

  15. Bruh, the adhd algorithm is too powerful

  16. That would be much more fun. There's three grand masters and whoever beats a grandmaster replaces them

  17. wow, now the family guy clips are being replaced by chess chilps?

  18. levy secretly trying to become a grandmaster found footage

  19. Content so good I've been here for 2 hrs 37 mins and 28 secs

  20. Ngl chess running on highlander rules would be interesting.

  21. Frank is gonna be the fastest GM ever😂 trust the grind

  22. unironically awesome i love watching the sand :3


    frank looks like magnus from a alternate universe

  24. What is this stupid video below? Thumbs down. 👎

  25. Now the real question is… If you bc a GM and never play again do you keep it 👀

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