GM Finegold + Family Try Four Player Chess

Check out Ben’s Chessable courses here! Join Ben, Karen, Spencer and Archer in this clip from the [04-12-2022]

Rules to 4 Player Chess:

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  1. This game would be better if you replaced the Knights with a Chancellor & Archbishop

  2. I appreciate this video a whole bunch

  3. I’ve played a few games of 4 player chess but I can’t imagine visualizing things on an actual board

  4. I looked up the opening database for 4 player chess, it says after Bishop j11 to z14 pink pieces are winning.

  5. 12:25 There is unpassant

    And you can underpromote

    I played enough of this to know. And promoting squares when it's teams is 11th rank. Free for all is on the 8th though

  6. Knights seem so underpowered because they have to move so far to get to the guy across the table… but bishops are even stronger than usual because the diagonals are so massive.

  7. Lol. Archer: “this is just chess right? D4 e4, we rollin!”

  8. One strategy is to storm the Queen's pawn up the board to promote as fast ad possible

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