GM Hikaru Destroys Chess Hustler In 49.4 Seconds!

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You won’t believe it even after seeing it!


  1. Random guy: whaaat! Do you watch my videos?
    Hikaru: no.
    Random guy: 🙁

  2. I would have played pawn to b4 before pawn to e3 for the forked attack on pawns putting the initiative on white to take and either open the c file or have 2 on 1 against the rook. Thanks for posting!

  3. I did find the move Don missed in real time. I also saw Hikaru had the skewer with the bishop in the first game. My recognition skills are improving a little bit.

  4. It is so generous of him giving a chance to play with him

  5. If you don't want to lose ridiculously, don't challenge chess gods.

  6. This is why chess is kinda shit like Bobby Fisher says. Hikaru didnt think, he just played memorized lines.

  7. Can he keep that advantage and convert it? No. No he cannot.

  8. that dude has the whitest looking face I've seen on a black guy, looks like he's covered in grease or doing a black face kn purpose

  9. even if he found that move to get plus 1.7, having to play against hikaru while he defends a slightly losing position is one of the most difficult things to do EVER even for someone at an IM level, i think he still wouldve drawn or won the game but its pretty cool to see he had those chances tho

  10. Nice to see Hikaru's personality. Good representative of chess. ❤

  11. This bro on the right think he's Hikaru 💀

  12. How can you take chess seriously? Anyone who studies the game in depth can at least draw anyone else on Earth as long as they aren't playing for a win ❤

  13. I don't see the pleasure to be gotten from playing this quickly. To me, it's the thinking involved which is fun.

  14. I enjoy watching SGM games. I learn the most from IM's.

  15. why they always using such a trash clock? Use a heavy clock, come on.

  16. Never forget about God. He hasn’t forgotten about you. Let him in.❤Please don’t say the Lord’s name in vain.

  17. I love that the 2nd guy is smoking the cigarette right next to the do not smoke sign

  18. Love the guy that comes in talking about Spassky smoking a cig lol

  19. That knight takes move definitely took me longer than dom had left on the clock to find, so I would have also missed it

  20. I'm so sorry but i have to do this. When i saw the thumbnail the first thing that popped in my head was "Black magic".

  21. Chess ♟️ is a dead god Caissa 🌹🌚👍 Rest in the good news 🌹 Okay bye

  22. Classic black guy opening. only sees race.

  23. It's like a much bigger guy, just leaning his body weight on you.

  24. I look away for a second to chug my protein shake and he already mated him lol

  25. reminds me of playing yugioh back in the day . at certain events just pure runs of fun and respect.

  26. It took me like 2 minutes but I found the knight takes knight. In my games I'm always excited to go up a pawn but when he said winning move I was looking for something more dramatic. I thought I was settling but it's the only best move I could see.

  27. Gm super duper gm would destroy both absolutely 😢

  28. you have 5 minutes on your clock…moving instantly will not save your ego

  29. I love these videos, the variety of people willing to sit down for a game of chess is just great. I'm more inspired then ever to get good after having watched videos similar to this.

  30. kudos to Hikaru that he stand the smoke in the face and still smile. 😢

  31. Proof Black people in America are WAY more racist than White people in America.

    If a White person said:

    “I don’t want the Black pieces I’m White so I want the White ones since White is awesome” I guarantee Libs would flip out 😂.

  32. Hikaru seeing tactics before they happen on the board. Cool

  33. he's not a chess hustlar, NOT EVEN CLOSE. he's just an idi0t who is playing against a super-gm and trying to make move in every 2 seconds while he has still 4:50 mins in his clock. and to be honest, he plays like a sh*t. channel hidden forever.

  34. The way they are moving the pieces so fast at 6:20 is like a timelapse of an actual battle happening in realtime with the soldiers, incredible

  35. First guy was shits 😂😂 that exchange with queen was so un necessary

  36. Dis don't neega he wants white um back? Why knee frontinn😮

  37. NIHNG First? Or black goes First unless your opponent is 70% as dark as u you? This is race baiting.

  38. Thing is the more time they think, the more Hikaru gets to think so I’d sure be playing fast as well lol

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