GM Jon Ludvig Hammer Tries Four Player Chess

What is four player chess? GM Jon Ludvig Hammer is here to learn with all of us, discovering the strategy as he goes and hashing out core strategies with the chat!

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  1. omg dude stop explaining how the pawns get promoted when it's YOUR TURN AND YOU ONLY HAVE 7.00 SECONDS LEFT!!! ARE YOU MAD!!!! YOU CAN WIN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Please do teams. 2v2 seems like a less chaotic game.

  3. I was wondering 4 player chess will be look like reality in competition ….

  4. @41:20. see how much a GM feels a time blunder… even in a fun game he doesn't really understand yet. I thought it was only beginner idiots like me who feel it that badly.

  5. In the span of one minute, the tables turned upside down in using favor in around 3 moves

  6. I wonder if what would happen if 4 tryhard chess GMs compete in this mode. 😀

  7. He really wanted 2nd place in that last game and completely blundered it… right at the end, after he takes the green bishop with a pawn, green pushes his rook towards Hammer's king. That allowed an opportunity for Hammer to deliver a check to the green king with his own rook (probably twice if he wanted to). Pretty sure he would have received 5 points for the check, placing him in 2nd, just before getting mated.

  8. ДоминаторНадХохлами says:

    6:18 it was check and mate in 1 step by horse

  9. Literally turned it off because of the Skype notifications.

  10. 4 player chess where 3 players are working together to best magnus

  11. this is what we call "Battle Royale" game

  12. ohhh sweet as 4 way chess. i used to play this waaay back in the day with freinds but if you checkmated someone you got their peices

  13. Basically It's bad as it sounds でワロタw

  14. Also if the time control was more lax and there was a chat function, then that would be interesting in terms of cooperation and stabbing. Kind of like Diplomacy, if you know the game.

  15. Tried 'stay in the corner', got teamed up on when they realized I still had everything

  16. Adjust on nanoctagon with single which 3 in 2 and 1 in 1 Malaysia stepped out

  17. „I am not sure what I am doing but I pretend…“ ahhahahahahhahahahhah (Y)

  18. That last game was so exciting. So much teamwork, so many betrayals, such intensity.

  19. I just usually say in the chat right away, "I am pacifist, if you annoy me I will trade all of our pieces and both of us will lose"

  20. Hola, esta forma de juego es antigua, ahora es diferente, ya que tu opuesto es tu compañero hasta que queden sólo los dos, ya que los puntos se lo llevan los dos primeros y aunque siempre queremos ser los primeros no está nada mal quedar segundo y no perder puntos o ellos… saludos desde Buenos Aires Argentina! ! !

  21. What a mad game…. I've just started to play 2 days ago! Funny video.

  22. Is he colorblind? Because he keeps calling red as black

  23. 12:45

    I threatened his queen, he protected it, and I moved back…

    Sounds like a regular game of chess for me! 😂😂😂

  24. Awesome, actually really enjoyed this- thought it was gimmicky but this looks like great fun actually.

  25. Don't you get 5 points for a check? At the end green's king was just standing there in the middle of nowhere and Hammer was close to it with his rook. Wouldn't he get 5 points for that and then get a second place?

  26. This chess is amazing, it gives you a more warzone like strategy!

  27. Red blue yellow green

    But Hammer see everything on Black and white colors

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