Good evening chess ft. Vidit and Gang


  1. YouTube recommended this after 3.5 years… Damn. Good old days. Will wait for you to stream again samay bhai ❤❤

  2. Can i get a chance to play with you guys?

  3. Upmanyu bhai naraz ho gye kya tanya ke match ke baad. Aate hi nahi ab wo

  4. Am I the only one thinking about what was that message that Vidit was talking about at the start? 😂

  5. Biswa is reading so much ki uske forehead mein bhi books dikh rahe hain (3:00)

  6. Try tandom chess.
    Like sagar and vidit play 5 moves each and then you guys continue for the next 5 moves .You keep switching this way. It might be fun

  7. If Vidith is Grandmaster, Samat Niswa Vaibhav are Gangmasters.

  8. Best one's till now-
    1. Biswasghat
    2. Abish giri
    3. Biswanathan anand

  9. Vidit is going to blackmail Samay with that text for ever now, plus wo vidit hai, bhoolega bhi nai

  10. Please keep innovating like alternate rules chess 960 or something

  11. Everytime story: Plan to gang up against Vidit.
    Kill each other's pieces just for fun and 'betrayal'.
    Lose all strong pieces in the process. And then Vidit wins eventually.

  12. 7k watching but only 2k likes. It deserves more

  13. You guys should try supply chess. Dont know if it can be played online. But it is just amazing.

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