Gotham Chess Guide Part 4: 1600+ | Outplaying the Opponent

Hey everyone! This is Part 4 in a series called Gotham Guide, where I take on users in blitz games and discuss the range of mistakes and tactical themes. Today there were a lot of concepts covered, here are all the game links:

Game 1 vs. SmoggyRabbit:

Game 2 vs. GMRainz:

Game 3 vs. Niilo1:

Game 4 vs. PRIMOMAN:

Game 5 vs. CaballoKING:

Game 6 vs. Burak015:

Game 7 vs. AstaRen:



  1. why everyone in comments are being so sarcastic about this video like this video solved all my problems, i really don't know the reason but iam having fun.

  2. 50:18 why levy says things like that, i mean i had no doubts about that except now iam confused

  3. Whats going on? What's a RAID? Is he getting swatted?

  4. Wow, Harstem coming in hot with a spicy SCII raid. That's actually super cool

  5. Forgive my beginner question- but how did he take the pawn at 23:05?

  6. I can’t believe I spotted a mate that a IM didn’t and I have only been playing for a week

  7. Why would an international master for his opponent to hang his queen?!

  8. I had cancer for 17 years , this video cured me♥️

  9. Lol why am I here I’m a 400 rated hahah

  10. 13:20 I don't understand the reasoning behind "trading the dark squared bishop, and replacing them with placing the pawns on the dark squares"

  11. I know this video is a few years ago but i just recently achieved 1600+ i have a good winningstreak putting all of my prime strength in each won games, thank you gotham for this!

  12. Games like the CK one are why I don't understand why people say "don't focus on openings". He got a clearly horrible position out of the opening and didn't know what to do

  13. Yeah I'm 1700 lichess, and almost every game is a grind 🙁

  14. After watching this video, I was finally able to use the N word….

    Noice! 🥹

  15. 51:05: "I can't lie"
    Me: "Hm, have we met somewhere else? Do you also like big butts, by any chance?"

  16. Man you need to sleep more. 😬 you look so exhausted.

  17. It would be nice if your courses payment system includes PayPal , not only with credit cards

  18. This video changed my life, Now I play chess with my dad, got succesful, got brown bugatti, got sparkling water in my veins and breath air. Thank you GothamChess.

  19. Just made 1500. First order of business is to stop playing and watch Levy's 1600+ lessons.

  20. Don't mind me just writing my future self… Hey man you looking good you finally here huh? I am proud of you. Keep going. You are amazing. U da best.

  21. Primoman users probably was a cheater. He got helps from the computer sure

  22. Levy: 'It's better to be up two pawns than one pawn, usually'
    Me: Writes this down

  23. The thing that increased my rating the most was meditation and chi control, ignore gothamchess this guy knows nothing he probably doesn't even have a girlfriend LOL

  24. levi i perfer agressive games or games where i hold on to a advantage and play constricting moves that limit black, not more passive positions

  25. Y are the people sarcastically taunting the video 😅😅😅

  26. Though I am 1700 blitz rated but in making chess jokes I am 250 elo…… From where do these people find such jokes in comments below😂😂😂😂

  27. I finally reached 2000 in lichess after 1 year of playing chess. I got +600 points in 6 months

  28. I don’t suck at chess, my opponent is just levy in disguise

  29. Levy: This looks a little loosy goosy
    Me: "Noted"

  30. back then Levy just insane calm, and now he just like how introvert will act when they are alone

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